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  1. i want to buy soulstones (3) you can contact me here or on my icq nr: 81506660 greetings jan
  2. well i tought u couldent buy stuff online for siege but yes its possible that ruins it for me i left europe because u could do it pffff......oh well i wont do it but i will allways be easy picking lol greetings jan
  3. 22 million europa gold for siege periluos gold the amount of siege gold is you to make an offer my icq 81506660
  4. the amount of siege gold is you to decide (make an offer) my icq:81506660 greetings
  5. well then only the money and i dident want to show of (its a long time that i dident play uo because it was getting to easy to get skills powerscrolls and more thats why i am playing on siege now but 22,5 million europa gold must be worth some siege gold for someone who also plays on europe greetings jan my icq:81506660
  6. so 22,5 million europa gold for siege gold (make me an offer if interested greetings jan (used soulstones are worth nothing if giving to another character i forgot that a long time i dident play) my icq:81506660
  7. i am trading 22,5 million europa gold + 4 soulstones with 120 skill of your choice send me a message with the amount you want to give me on siege perilous greetings jan (my icq:81506660
  8. i want to trade 22,5 million europa gold and the soulstones (4) with 120 skill (you choose wich skill) for siege perilous gold just make me an offer about how much siege gold you want to trade for it greetings jan
  9. how is that possible i had a chest with more then 20 +120 powerscrolls in when i logged in no longer there is just locking down not enough ? sorry lame question but i am coming back after years so thats why until know i lost a fortune on schests that vanish ? anyone has a solution for this ? thank in advance jan
  10. as said above i want to buy 2 golems and a 100% poison damage bow or xbow greetings jan
  11. i got it from a ronin thanks all for the halp greetings jan
  12. i want to buy a bow or xbow 100% poison dammage and while at it a couple of golems shard europa greetings jan
  13. the only book they sell there is ninjutsu but thx for the help greetings jan
  14. i went to zento (makito-jima) where its suposed to be sold i am runneng for hrs in that dam place only could raise my skill with a samurai i also saw on a site that the seller is located in the SW corner of that town no way to find him is he outside town ? did most of malas vendors to no way to find one neither so if someone can sel me one he would be well paid i wil be online on icq 81506660 johan is the name there greetigs jan
  15. me again i will be at the stables of just out side brit as soon i get a reply from you via this forum or icq wich will be online the whole day the name of my char is jan greetings jan
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