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  1. The black-caps live on in each of us, Exedus, regardless of how spread out we may be thesedays. Your war axe is remembered.
  2. Mmm, we did love our political takeover scheming back in the black-cap days Draxen. Similar to Krig, my main problem with freeshards is that they always fall into one of three categories: 1) Old-school servers rolling patches from 1998-2002 2) RP / Custom Servers that have completely changed the game are not recognisabe as UO anymore 3) AoS style servers that lack any semblance of balance or forethought I'd just want something that is a relatively close approximation of modern UO, or something around the P25 area (which is essentially modern UO mechanics minus the ridiculous cash-cow expan
  3. I'll probably find my way back to it if it happens, in whatever form.
  4. Looking up at the building, Larissa was quite pleased by how well it had been kept. The surrounding area had overgrown somewhat, the nearby buildings had not been tended to, yet the main structure was almost pristine. Its steps regularly swept and its gutters cleaned. It seemed the only real activity outside the building lay in a small dirt path going between the main building and a small graveyard nearby. She stepped off the grass onto the stone steps. He would be here. Larissa stood over the child at his desk, looming over his shoulder. Glaring down at the child as he wrote, he was a miser
  5. [OOC: A few short stories surrounding the IC events leading up to the reformation of the Collegium, since folk keep wondering] Larissa stepped off the boat. It had been some time since she had been here. The great outdoors, breeze and all. Yet somehow the air still felt stale, the breeze snaring her senses with the scent of exotic and taboo arcane and moral practices. It was good to know that they still had places like this. She would stay here. Months lost in misanthropy, months wasted. Wandering the towns of Britannia offering the meager service of basic tutelage to pathetic, talentless
  6. Mrmm, Hawkeye Pike who made the bitchin' UO base maps I used to use for mapping out our little RP world? http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a6/haleorn/v11-bloc.jpg et al? Old map mind.
  7. I'm pleased to say that the Collegium Ditio Potentia Lex has returned and will be delivering fresh shipments of sadism, greed and evil to store shelves near you. Folk will of course remember me as Hanse Davion from -V- (a character who is no more) and will no doubt mock me for my weakness in not only getting suckered back into UO, but buying the new expansions, re-founding a guild and spreading my weakness by dragging almost a dozen former / unsubscribed / inactive roleplayers into the fold for this venture. My ICQ remains as 325-452-832 for those who need to get in touch regarding relations
  8. Also, the Collegium has recently resurfaced and seeks to steal your first born.
  9. Yelena is a good'n to learn from, Poe. By the way, are you Poe from PHT back in 1999-02 ish? If so, give me a bell on 325452832 on ICQ. Its Haleorn here, other PHT like me and Winder/Mystix from way back when are still lurking around in unsuspecting places. Edit: Callum beat me to the punch
  10. With the departure of Escaflowne and myself, I am sure many of you are worried about the future of your guild or (in the case of those of you reading who are not -V-) those people you like the gang up on from time to time. We will be holding a Command meeting in the very near future to decide the fate of the guild and whether or not it is possible for it to continue under new leadership. If it is, then we beseech you to support your new figureheads and continue enjoying the game as Vesparians. If not, then we will likely dispensing guild real estate, guild supplies and armoury supplies to su
  11. Escaflowne has beaten me to the punch in posting, but I'll get down to it. As many of you have heard, I too have also decided to quit UO - partly precipitating Escaflowne's departure as we were both largely here at eachother's request to spitroast the guild and give each of you the best of our meats. Recent events have been a harsh reminder that while apathy and indifference is common, our greatest problem in UO comes through one of the few common ways in which people do care - the long held grudges and the barriers they throw up to providing entertainment and roleplay - and thus barriers to
  12. Me and Van being breast men, apparently.
  13. Rather stick my ding-a-ling into a tube filled with broken glass and fire ants than endure Skype again. But I might be willing to do that for the legendary Twothumb, who knows?
  14. Tabby, I don't suppose you could drag Twothumb out of his old hole and get him on ICQ sometime? Me and Escabear would love to chat with him (and you! ) sometime.
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