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  1. I'm looking to downsize my accounts so I will be selling my Zento vendor house. it is the 2nd one in from the SE corner. Named Lexx Merlin's Wondrous Shop. I am willing to trade it for a Fel keep that is next to a mountain. or Selling for 450mil gold or equivalent trade. MSG me for details. ICQ 33502723
  2. Houses still available, Would like to sell asap. You can send all questions via pm or icq. 33502723
  3. Hello. I am offering up to 3 Zento houses. Each are 18x18. Two of them are one in front of the other. These are great properties. I've had two of them set up for vendors/resource houses and they have brought in a lot of money. I have no buy out prices set, but I am considering trades for Atlantic property, high end pets/rare pets, and gold. Here are some pictures: I am asking for all offers to be posted here. I will also provide contact information if you would like to ask questions. ICQ - 33502723 or PM me here. I will also be posting this thread on stratics forums.
  4. Someone had messaged me on ICQ with a 20mil offer. For some reason they have not been able to respond because they are logged on icq with their phone. The next person to offer 20mil gold or trade of 20mil worth of imbuing mats (seeds of renewal/relics) or a ranger cloak, pirate rug or maybe some other items will get the house.
  5. I don't really know what to ask for this house, so.... I'm going to say 40mil or best offer. I will also consider trades for this house. I am interested in tokens, vet reward rugs, bulk imbuing ingredients and high end pets. IF you are interested in the house, please pm me here or msg me on icq @ 33502723
  6. Buying: 120k of each mage and necro reagent - let me know your asking price. up to 60k of each leather - looking for a good price up to 60k of each board type except regular boards bulk turquoise gems SoTs - Fishing @ 200k per .1, Disco at 150k per .1, Stealing @ 100k per .1, Hiding & Stealth @ 50k per .1 Rare color seeds from the naturalist quest. Selling/Advertising All kinds of daily supplies at my vendor house in the SE corner of Zento!!! I restock daily. New vendors appear weekly. I have a weekend high end item sale (ps, tokens and rares). To get to the house, head east out of t
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