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  1. whatever. Feel free PM me *sighs* why do threads on RP forums always take a turn like this? You know, I told you it wasn't meant cynical now just let it be. Next time if you think anyone may have a problem with my thread just let them speak up for themselves. ... Anyone feel free to delete this post. I just had to get this off my mind. And thanks for reminding me what this community is all about Floria - I tried to pm you about this message, but it didn't go through for some reason... I saved your original post, as I don't like to edit other peoples posts very much. Only did so
  2. I didn't try being cynical for once (why, aren't those virtual homes made of pixels? ) and there's no reason for you to read things in my post which I haven't actually said. I'm not having an agenda or a reason to dish out against anyone here. But thanks for supplying some examples for my argument. Those are exactly the reasons why people are attached to their houses. Nothing wrong with that at all. It just presents a problem for the everyone-in-one-place idea. Which is pretty obvious as nobody can be in two places at once - even those people with 7 characters in 7 different guilds. For t
  3. I think you can forget any attempt trying to relocate players AND their houses. People get very much attached to their virtual pixel homes. Most people just do not want to risk being worse off after a move, beside from investing a lot of work of moving, redecorating and house hunting. That's why I think the best way would be to move to a NPC town because the buildings there don't advantage or disadvantage anyone. People can keep their current houses, wherever they may be. Also nobody is "owning" the place: i.e. nobody gets special treatment because they can control guild-only doors, have acc
  4. I very much like the idea, but it will only happen due to utmost necessity and not because someone thinks its a great idea. People stick to their own hotspot and wait that other RPers join them, instead of leaving their own place and joining others. Basically everyone just sits and waits and hope someone else makes the first move. Then eventually some people make the move and give up their own place and join others, or they get bored and lured by other MMOs and leave for good. Unless some guild or group really wants to take the plunge there's little chance of changing the status quo. Pers
  5. I haven't seen any houses exploding, but my neighbourhood is all cleaned up (Vesper, Europa, Gnomy should know it ) - the houses are simply gone as if they had never existed I'm not complaining though... actually it's nice to have less neighbours
  6. So what's up with all this housing stuff? I noticed some houses disappear in my neighbourhood. What's up with that? mind you, I haven't been much in UO recently so I have no real clue what's going on
  7. does it matter? fix and enhance the game, not the loading screen. thanks
  8. no, I'm not giving away my house but right above it, off-screen, there is a small glade where a 8x8 would fit, from what I saw on another shard. Nice location, almost no spawn, enough privacy and yet extremely close to the swaggers and other important Vesper buildings. If there's any interest, PM me and I'll show you the place
  9. I'll just quote you to show me agreeing on what has been said ...then again my personal issues with RoE (or the current standard ruleset) are mostly related to the framework around PvP and not necessarily which sort of virtual sword you're using to beat up some other RP character.
  10. Pre UOR but... - keep house customization - fix the skills which were broken in pre UOR... like mining was pretty much impossible to GM back then, unless you quit your job for a year to mine virtual ore all day long
  11. - when I zoom in on my 8800 GTX I get ugly borders between tiles, just like UO3D used to do it when I do the same on my notebook with X1600 ATI it works nicely. In general there's more minor issues on the nvidia card, for example, in houses I can see items floating above my character which are placed out on the floors above. So even if I want to, I cannot really play KR on my main system.
  12. just gave it a try and it doesn't work on my system (win xp, 8800gtx, newest drivers). In my house I see items from the floors above hanging around. quite annoying. Feels like beta again. I'll stick with 2D
  13. That's actually how it happened on Cats. Some guilds just banded together and decided that between them they would use a different ruleset. They still kept warring other guilds and followed ROE when interacting with them. But between them, they had their own rules and agreements and over time more and more guilds joined them. Shouldn't be hard to achieve if a few bigger groups really want to give this experiment a try.
  14. at least a survey would makes us feel better! We can pretend we tried to do something about the status quo. Not our fault when not enough people respond. Then we can go back playing WoW
  15. Catskills probably got the most RP from the American Servers. But for getting a better ping, there's not much that can be done. Because it's old UO has no real "prediction" code like WoW has, that's what UO is laggy when WoW isn't with the same ping. WoW just guesses what you may want to do and often gets it right, thus it appears like there is little lag. I can play WoW fine with 400 ping (PvP is tricky tough) but UO is almost unplayable with this latency.
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