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  1. Answers so far from the various lingering people: Phil Lynx: "Anyone can use it.. I'd have encouraged it. And of course to have the avatar, you must have the guardian.. which a few guilds used" Gotrek: "Grd dosnt hold any copyright to it . Its free to use but nobody will ever do it as good as us" Nicolai: "As one the last acting preceptors i say.. Sure, go on." He also adds: "Willem Koenig told me its loosely based around catholism, with a twist of UO lore to it. We often used catholic hymn and prayer sites to find ispiration for our own stuff." Demarian Tel'var: "Been used freely by many
  2. A few months late reply, but I'll link the message from this thread on the Grd facebook group to get a bit of clarity around the subject. Should be some old foxes hanging about there.
  3. Just came here to link that article myself, yeah. I've assumed as much during the last year. It's going to take a few more years before any plan of human coloniszation anywhere will occur. Until then I believe AI will spearhead any kind of coloniszation of space.
  4. "We promised the world and delivered vapour." Should be the slogan of at least 70% of the gaming buisness.
  5. I feel the same way, however I liked the idea they have laid out for this game. My worry is that the amount of player worlds will be limited. I'd much rather see the player worlds as a minecraft server where people get access to creativity and sharing that with others.
  6. I would just begin to question whether the Mars One team really have the knowledge it takes to see it happen in a safe way (safe as possibly can get that is) if I was signed up for this trip. According to the feasibility report MIT did, Mars One still have a lot of problems to find solutions to before they can give any kind of support in the scientific community. At this point it seems that said community is very unsupportive of the Mars One mission. For good reasons. Explorers and pioneers through history have all had 2 things in common. They had the people with the knowledge about the plac
  7. In all honesty, of all MMO games being developed out there, this does stand out a lot. Check it out and add your input =) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crowfall/crowfall-throne-war-pc-mmo
  8. *rises from the dead* So MIT released a feasibility report on this topic. The summary of that report is in this article from IFLS: http://www.iflscience.com/space/should-we-get-our-hopes-about-mars-one
  9. Anyone played it yet that could put some input about this game? Looks really interesting with the editor and everything to it for people to build up their own role-playing adventures.
  10. More news on research of this theory. http://www.iflscience.com/space/how-do-you-test-multiverse-bubbles Have to post this picture though, because I found it quite cool. From this article: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/03/140318-multiverse-inflation-big-bang-science-space/
  11. I'm still to see this show, however I can recommend "Wonders of the Universe" with Brian Cox. In my opinion they didn't overdo the CGI and kept it quite restricted, it was more about real demonstrations and theory than eye-candy. And I found that Brian Cox keeps a very humble approach to his dialogues. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1854226/
  12. I agree with Orich. I think the worst misstake people are doing is thinking it'd be a new UO. I can see a lot of disappointed faces coming from just such people.
  13. Not compared to how much they'd scream if there was no steam, Kayhynn ^^ And summer sale! Already looking forward to it.
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