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  1. Enjoy the journey of where ever you roam next Markus.
  2. I was just curious i remember all those times from long ago, the names of members, the creation of garrisons etc. Sorry for hijacking the thread.
  3. Do you still use the Masonic Oath as it was all those years ago when my Katherine character first took it back in 2000?
  4. All is well with myself, thanks for asking. My work messed me about for 12mths have to move to Northern Ireland. But am back now enjoying my work again in a place i like, and where i have my house. I am playing LOTRO which is great fun, looks brilliant and also there is plenty of RP to be had. People think you need an awesome PC to run it but you dont really, not unless you run everything at all the very high settings. So no complaints at all. Am glad your life seems to be going well, you deserve it.
  5. aha...yes i remember those names from my time in the Knights of Virtue (KoV). I hope your doing well, i remember back then didnt you have a new baby?
  6. You would have to give me a clue that was a long time ago now. I still remember my RP days in UO fondly for the most part, from when i started RPing in 1999-2000, back when it was ERPA ,all the way through to the CoRE and CoY days. UO still has a lot of things the other MMRPGs could learn from if they want to make things better for the roleplayers. LOTRO has a lot to offer plus the graphics are simply amazing making the emmersion a lot of fun, but the lore can sometimes get in the way of players imaginations. But there is plenty of RP to be had and the Rpers certainly make the most of thin
  7. *grins at Gendin* Well its lovely to play, has loads of players even more so with F2P now and plenty of RP if you want it. And thats with me just playing a man and an elf, i know the hobbits have loads of rp as well.
  8. Klion wasnt the one i had in mind at the time...but low and behold i have discovered he is here as well. I am looking forward to seeing what RP he will create. It seems UOers (ex CoRE/CoY) keep popping out the woodwork here in LOTRO, they usually come to the surface when discussing things on the CodeMasters forum. If any of the Court do come across we will gladly do all we can to make you feel welcome and help out with any questions etc.
  9. Crikey my friend i hope your bearing up well. From our old times together i know your a strong individual. I hope your father makes a full recovery, medical science is marvellous nowadays.
  10. I cant see any Wardens really using the skill anyway, its pretty awful tbh. Its got too many negative aspects for too long a period.
  11. Everyone was so transfixed on the cloud that no one realised the alchemist was really Ronald Mc Donald in disguise !!!! *gasps from the audience*
  12. As Van said above i think you should get alot more for your monthly subscription seeing what other games get for the same money or less. Maybe they should do a lifetime membership as some games have done. I think my LOTRO one cost £75. And i also agree with what Adam said a short way back about there needing to be a large demand of committed people before a freeshard could be created. And ref AoS it was all bad, well the neon weapons were a bad idea , oh and soulstones (i think they were called that. The ones which enabled you to switch skills in and out).
  13. Could be Laurelin theres a fair few UOers here.
  14. And thats why i took my leave of the game, i was sad to go but the rp quantity just wasnt there. I would be intrigued to see where a freeshard would go if it grew a larger rp player base. But for now i am content in LOTRO with its amazing graphics and playability where i RP everyday and never run out of things to do.
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