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  1. Wow... to discover this while logging in for the first time in months... im shocked to hear this... Condoleances to her loved ones and her friends :(
  2. You returning, vannie, is a bonus for the game made me laugh a lot Have fun !
  3. true, i guess there is still enuff people around that enjoy the old graphics and paying for and the rp
  4. Why subscribe again with so many games out there that are 1. free to play 2. have better graphics?
  5. Bye bye ! Enjoy real life, may it bring the best
  6. Oh i moved on Van. Just hoping to hear 'good' news
  7. Shees what drama Nathaniel ... It was sorted as soon as it happened
  8. poor wife... wonder what lies he told her to trick her into marriage And if he dissappeared from this world that would be the best thing i can imagine happening As his former victim im allowed to say this
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