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  1. They're on separate master accounts unfortunately... I really hate their new account stuff.
  2. Hey, I'm trying to merge my two accounts onto the same master account. Is there some guide on the easiest way to do this? Thanks
  3. Fel Castle for sale on Ice Island (one with Deceit). No aggressive spawn near it, never had problem with neighbors. Send a PM if you're interested. Thanks!
  4. You have life leech while in Vamp Form, which is how I heal myself (*along with life leech on weapon*) as a sampire.
  5. http://townhall.com/columnists/walterewilliams/2013/02/06/women-in-combat-n1504759
  6. Put a lot of "little people' together and you get a pretty big voice. Obviously there are differences between individuals. At the end of the day endurance is a problem... and it has been shown many times that the female body does not have the endurance of a man's in these conditions. The female body, in general, is not made for that kind if lifestyle. Why should females not suffer that when men do? Because if they become a burden to the men it's a problem. If a woman is stuck at a PB base and can't keep up after time when all the men are then it's an issue. Like it or not men and women
  7. This isn't equality and yet you're applauding it. If anything it's a step in the wrong direction. The idea that people are claiming this is equality while ignoring the fact that women get more points towards promotion for doing literally less of the same thing is proof enough. This by the way is true for ANY job in the military, combat or not. If you're a woman you get more points for running a 22 minute mile than a man does... so if you are in competition for the same job that gives you an edge. So while you are saying here that you agree that equality should mean an treating the genders the
  8. Sweden has unfortunately lost 5 soldiers in Afghanistan since having troops there I believe since 2005. While it's unfortunate they lost 5 it's also a big indication of just how much fighting the Swedes do there... it's not much at all. The last number I saw was 630 or so Swedes were sent to Afghanistan total (at one time)... The Swedish are not actively fighting like the Americans or Brits even. Sitting on a base doesn't require a high level of physical fitness. Spending months at a time living in Afghani homes without showers, proper nutrition and heavy loads with no days off is hard for a
  9. Then let them meet the requirements, don't water them down because it's the individual happens to be equipped with a vagina. I can find very motivated people that are 250 lbs that despite all that motivation cannot run three miles. Motivation will only take you so far. Good for her. Training and actual war are two very different things. There are no timeouts in actual war. No one said it was impossible. The reality is the vast majority of women will not meet the current physical requirements that are demanded of men. Oh you were too tall to be in armor or the airforce? Maybe you should s
  10. See that's still not equal if women are given just the option to try and are not forced into these jobs like men are. If they want equality they need the same exact standards and to not have the choice to simply opt out of combat arms units like men are not afforded. We are not all equal in life. I wanted to be an NFL linebacker when I was younger and I was not born with the size or speed required to play at that level. Yes there are a few NFL players, that did well, at that position that weren't the "right" height however they still were faster than I am apparently capable of despite
  11. Many will be relieved from duty and actually already have been. I've never heard anyone in the military be worried about keeping their job in regards to women coming in to knock them out of a spot. The way the US military allows people to stay is is 99% based off the total allowed numbers for that branch of service. Meaning you could be an amazingly qualified woman and not be allowed to re enlist because your MOS doesn't need people. Or you could be an under qualified male and be allowed to stay in because the military needs more people of that MOS. So now I believe women make 14% of so of
  12. I wasn't aware we were talking about the Congo and child soldiers... we aren't. Your hair cut matters because besides the use of gas masks, wearing a Kevlar Helmet is a problem when you have a huge bun of hair impairing your ability to look down your sights and shoot with any sort of accuracy and impairs your vision in general. That is bad. Why do muscles matter? Because people get shot, blown up, just randomly hurt, etc and they often times need to be carried out.. which involves muscles. So Markus you have not addressed anything that is an issue, such as the different standards that a
  13. So you believe women should be scored and held to the exact same standard PFT and CFT as the men in the USMC? They should have to have the same hair cuts as the men? How far do you wish to take this? Women don't have to deploy if they are preggers.. So if a man is pregnant.. oh wait.
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