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  1. I am debating returning (If I could even figure out my account name) - Anything new in the game? The uo.com looks like the same expansion for the last 6-7 years? My chars were on Ches, is that a pretty dead server? Guess I could start new on Paciific, but things are costly these days from all the gold left from the golden years? Wondering if its worth a shot...
  2. Sounds a lot more work than use a vender. Where do you get bark fragments? Ah need cooking too, yeah easier to buy off a vender.
  3. Trying to make myself a few slayer spellbooks,any bulk blank scrolls around?
  4. Yeah not a big deal to me, my UO time is casual, just something to do. If I keep them or not, really wont matter much. Who really visits houses to see rares? I rather have neat rewards vs a globe that doesn't do anything. That chaos tile looks neat.
  5. Selling Demon Slayer instrument.
  6. I have the following globes; A Snowy Scene of A Snowy Scene of Spirituality A Snowy Scene of A Snowy Scene of Sacrificev x2 A Snowy Scene of A Snowy Scene of the Lake of Fire A Snowy Scene of A Snowy Scene of Karnaugh x2 A Snowy Scene of A Snowy Scene of Luna
  7. I have a few globes, but I think they are common, I will post a list.
  8. My gifts sit in a dusty box I never use. If I can trade/sell them for the gold I need, might just do that.
  9. Should I sell old holiday items or just turn in for points? I have enough to get a full suit or two from that system. About 75 various items I can traade in.
  10. Yeah just have to get imbuing up. Hate having to go kill old npcs to train a tradeskill. I have an old spined runic, worthless though right? I see the runic sewing kits cheap on some venders.
  11. Yeah I been trying different spots, got a worthless R11 artifact last night.
  12. I have a low level tamer, just a WW with it. No power scrolls on it.
  13. Exploring last night, I died and wasn't able to retrieve my corpse. So, I lost quite a few nice 'cursed' pieces. What is the best way to farm new gear as a caster? I have adjusted my method killing non-magical creatures, using magery/necro/spellweave +slayer book combos and seems to be working well. But, mostly I just get junk. My question is, how should I be getting gear? Imbuing isn't an immediate option unless there as an imbuer that feels generous. My idea was to stack what luck gear I have, around 1300-1800 depend on that daily charge item and farm lizardmen. Is there somethi
  14. Since I returned, 3 weeks ago I learned the following; Negatives: General chat is primarily used for Trolling Luna bank is an afk hut, there is no trading that occurs. Luna vendors were last restocked sometime in 2011. There is no sort of game progression. (That I can see) To get the good gear (Solo), you have to grind the Imbue skill. Positives: Plenty of housing space. You can grind your old favorite spots without needing to share. The crap gear you get off an NPC is good enough to give you that WOW factor vs your old gear. That about sums up my experiences since returning. S
  15. Here is what I got; Exquisite Short Spear OF The Vampire Brittle Hit Mana Drain 50% Resond Slayer Luck -100 Rest seems standard
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