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  1. Welcome back man! Anytime you have questions or need advice, please post. Also there a few really new people who play on pacific shard that are active on these boards, so I am sure they can and will help. I will leave you with some advice, it's great to have a lower reagent cost suit ( LRC) probably these most important armor for a Mage, but now try to look for one that has "lower mana cost". This will cause you to lose less mana depending on the percentage. (Think capped at 40). Lots of great stuff in the last 10 years !!!
  2. So I know I ask a Billion questions about armor but I think I almost have it. So here is what I am looking for, 2 suits, one for a pure Mage, other for a warrior ( no necromancy). So I make the armor using regular leather, I then reforged using barbed leather kit. First question, how do I know what stats it will put on? I get the menu and selecting different options will make it more magic, but brittle, but how do I know what exactly what will be on it? So I did try it and got all across the board, luck, hit point regen, mana increase, etc. next question is, should I be using a b
  3. Goose, I play on cats, it's an awesome shard with a good variety of players. There always people on and more importantly, everyone helps each other. As far as placing houses, none of the shards you mentioned you will be placing a castle. However, placing a keep is not out of the question, the other night I was just playing around and saw an open spot big enough for a keep ( which is rare) anyway, I placed and now I have a keep. 18x18 you should have no problem finding spots and some cases can place a small city or village. I have a awesome mule, so if you come to cats, I can get you setup a
  4. Thanks Gilmour!! This helps a lot!! Was going to cap chivary at 100 but sounds like its worth it to get legendary
  5. So I need some advice, I have imbueding to legend and now I'm ready to fight. I am a archer with bushido and chivalry. I only do PvM and like to go after big bosses or things that spawn one at a time. (Ancient worms, demons, blood elementals, ect.). What are things I should be casting in the bushido category? For chivalry, I cast enemy of one, concentrate weapon. Also can someone explain the honor system please? I honor everything and when I strike I get the message about perfection. Does that mean more damage? Does it cap? How long does it last? I did try to find these answers on
  6. Hey Bragi! Yes this " the" Neru on Catskills. Thx for the help. I actually have an 120 imbueder but just trying to learn the tricks. For example I learned last night if you don't use max but simple go one point before max intensity, you can save on ingredients. The leeches through me off, but I did 30 percent ssi so that has the explain it. Thx again!!!!
  7. Thanks Gilmour! One more question, so I order a imbued item and gave him stuff I wanted. Max life leech, max man leech, max damage increase, swing speed increase and defense chance increase. I got the weapon back an it had only 32 percent for both life and mana leech. Why? If I did it right and imbued it to the Mac, why only 32 percent? I would think max means 100 percent. Any advice?
  8. So I have gotten to the point where I want to start making everything I wear. However a few questions. I used an imbueding calculator for armor and was confused because you can place 5 properties on it, which is just enough for the 5 resist types how do people have other mods on their armor plus room for all 5 resists? Also, I am looking to just be a Pvm toon. So to keep it basic here are my thoughts. Create a ring with max str, int, and dex plus max damage increase. Do the something to a bracelet. Create a weapon with max damage increase, hit chance increase, life leech, and mana leech.
  9. Hey guys need some advice on something I completely stumbled into tonight. So as I was going back to my keep after a long hunt and I noticed my next door neighbor's keep was no longer there. Maybe he moved or something. Anyway, I quickly thought to place another keep there and so I did. So now I have two keeps literally right next door to each other. I plan to get rid of one In the next day or so. Either I will give it to a guild mate or my other suggestion was to see if I can place a castle in the spot. Now I am completely nervous cause I don't want to deed them and try to fit a castle. I'd
  10. Thanks Guido! I can't express the frustration I have right now about this. The options you provided below I have tried. When I click on the "contact us" now I get an advertisement for battlefield. I sent 2 different emails and did call the 800# which I googled. Just for everyone to know it is 866 543 5435. I also play nhl13 for the Xbox and I have logged into the ea severs with no issue using the same information I have for origin. I have also purchased something from origin stores last week. I had no issues logging in and providing my credit card information. This was something UO relate
  11. I normally would not post this on the forms but I'm having some issues I had two accounts one of which I'm trying to cancel however I feel like EA is making it almost impossible for me to cancel. I can purchase new items from Origin store. I could reactivate accounts yet I cannot cancel accounts I keep having issues and every time im getting page cannot be displayed, I'm banned from this site, there was error signing in. Can somebody please provide me with an 800 number so I can cancel my UO account? at this point I'm feeling like I'm being taken advantage of and EA is making me go through hoo
  12. Sounds like a perfect sampire to me. I like your tactics on the mini spawn! Only thing I do different is ( depends on what your fighting) I had a weapon imbued with life leach and mana leach and damage increase. With this weapon, It was very few times I had to run due to low health. Other than that, agreed on everything your doing.
  13. Hey flint and welcome back! In regards to your account, I believe if you we're not active since 97, they technically aged or got credit for the months since it was not active. Maybe Kahlan or one of the mods can help out clarify. In regards to your other questions, ALOT has changed since 97. Way to much to list here. My suggestion is to check uoguide.com. This site has recently been updated and has a lot of good information about anything you want to know about in game stuff. From my understanding, cheesy has some cool people playing that hang out at Luna bank that can show you
  14. So I have been back for two months and I'm going to attempt to try imbueding. My question is to all the veteran players out there which magical properties are the best to have on weapons? I like to solo creatures a lot and my goal is to ultimately solo the Dragon,Medusa and some of the harder creatures. I try to snoop on some other pallets that people have and I noticed that hit life leech as well as leech stamina and damage increase are very popular ones. Are there any other magical properties I should think about when creating an a weapon? I lhave listed out the statistics on my character
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