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  1. You gotta do one of these when I'm not at work
  2. Across around 30 shards, probably a bit over 500 million a shard? That's a fair bit.
  3. 70 physical be easy to get, just a set of dull copper armour. Maybe I'll give it a try when I get an ML upgrade.
  4. Well, here's the ones in me collection I'd say are at least some my favourites. Still got something along the lines of 500 more images though Hopefully the six MBs of storage I just stole is worth it, heh
  5. So, you don't actually have a computer 'cause there's nothing there?
  6. On the topic of packs and redoing graphics and all the like - I've always wondered why pouches and backpacks, which are way different in size, have the same amount of space in them Back on this topic - Either a cow or mongbat based reticule thing please And I still want rideable cows!
  7. Didn't get a chance before I went off to work, but these should tide you over http://www.noao.edu/image_gallery/ Go down to the Astronomical Objects on the left side, has some neat stuff, especially the nebulae.
  8. A buddy of mine gave me about 600MB of random weird backgrounds like that one I've got enough to use for years! I'll pull a few samples and pop 'em up here later.
  9. Sneaky, sneaky UO peoples I wouldn't have even thought to start spouting words in the wisp language at Inu.
  10. Maybe that should be on the "Questions for CatHat" thread?
  11. Do that, then copy the entire directory contents over after patching. That'll take care of it 'cept maybe for the Desktop folder, don't really want to overwrite all your setup for your characters.
  12. Whoa, automerging posts, that's kinda neat. Anyways, hopefully didn't get your hopes up. I polled through the entire site with a nifty tool I have and the only UO stuff on there is the http://largedownloads.ea.com/pub/uo/ directory, which is just the full ML client, which would have to be patched up again anyways
  13. Well, crap :/ And I was planning a raid on the Funky Pirate. I wish they'd put a copy of the patch files somewhere to download instead of only allowing through the patcher. ooh, thought, the EA large downloads site. http://largedownloads.ea.com/pub/ Maybe dig around there? I never found a patch spot before, but maybe I was blind and missed something.
  14. Going to have to agree with Spyder on that one. If you drag one off, then it shouldn't spawn a second :/
  15. And because I'm too lazy to transfer this image of me linux machine, I'll just post again \o/ <3 the background on this one, it's just funky. Well, one out of four neat ones, this is just the best one out of the four - multiple desktops rule.
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