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  1. They Bent over and crapped us out a huge chunk of wood with a fire on it....I am just shocked it wasn't hot pink like we asked
  2. Might as well subjugate myself to humiliation, This one was taken in my ex's bathroom. Notice the womanly decor as the manliness I radiate slowly evaporates from the lavender and pink.
  3. Sadly, I have been sensing a lot of hostility from certain people lately. It would appear some would not like to see V come back. Because of this I've decided I am done with this as I don;t stand a snow cone's chance in hell changing these people's minds. I will decide what to do with V in the next few days. consider the poll closed.
  4. S'why our next Chancellor is named Heihachi
  5. I should explain the Marshal Law Idea more, since people seem to be leaning towards it. It won't be as severe as Grd's system. it's more or less going to be the "Muscle" in Vesper picking up the pieces left behind after the riots. As Devante says they will likely be opposing the control VTC has aquired in Vesper and try to bring some order back to The City. This does not mean you have to fight VTC, it just means we might be butting heads a lot IC to accomplish goals within Vesper. It will bring inner conflict into the town and allow us activity even if other guilds aren't too active.
  6. Well with my return and attempting to give Vesper life again. It's at this point I figured it was time to see what you the player want out of the guild. We've taken some off the wall pathes over the past few months but I need to know what you want.
  7. The main reason for VTC being in charge of Trade is because they've been doing it for so long now. It's more or less to inspire our craftsmen to interact with them in getting their goods moved in and out of Vesper. Selling within Vesper they don't have to go through VTC. It's just a matter of outside sales. There will of course be exceptions.
  8. Alright, This is basically so I can get a good number on those who will be staying in V. I want all those who are going to stick around and take part in the change back to a government structure to reply here so I know if it's going to work.
  9. Citizen Changes To make things fun for those who do not play fighters I have also thought up some changes to the Citizen Structure. Silver, The Currency of Vesper It would seem Silver is becoming the currency in Vesper. And Because of this it will also be how citizens will be rewarded for their work. The Military/Navy will always need resources and supplies. Because of this it will likely become the way of things for the military to pay citizens in Silver for any help they give. Not counting any random jobs that The Governor may give for Silver. This of course means that Vesper will ne
  10. Alright, this is a first draft but some of the changes I wish to put into motion to hopefully bring back activity to the guild. Government Baron/Chancellor- This will be The Guild's official leader. Mostly being a figurehead and a respected/feared individual that possesses much power in the town. Governor- The first of Vesper's "Tribunal" The Governor is in charge of Domestic issues and acts as The town's diplomat to other towns. The Governor is responsible for all activities that the Town Folk in Vesper do and is the one to speak to when wishing to aquire Citizenship. The Governor will
  11. You Bastards! I was Command and The AGM for a while....I swear I'll kill you all and blame it on Hanse. Now if you'll excuse me I'll go molest Esca.
  12. The moon in the distance stirred Gabriel's mind as he sat on the lawn. He had trouble sleeping lately, Waiting till Elaine was out he would go outside every night and gaze across the ocean. It had been two months since the accident, Since his life changed forever.... Two Months Earlier... Gabriel cowered behind a pillar catching his breath. The assassins had tracked him down quicker than he expected. It had been the discovery of his Father's dealings that led to this. Lucious Drachen, Not only was he a cruel individual but he was also involved with the infamous Cult of Lithos. Those who wo
  13. The future of Vesper's structure seems to be a subject many are very interested. We as Command have had plans for such but I feel like maybe we haven't taken the time to see if the majority of you even want this change. So I am putting a Poll here to help understand what it is you want. Please put in your two cents on things so we can better make Vesper a guild you enjoy playing in.
  14. To all Vesperian Soldiers, With the new taxes in place the funding for The Army has been decreased drastically. Sadly this means your weekly wages must be cut another ten percent so that we can continue to keep the army armed and supplied. I understand a 20% pay cut is quite a lot, However without it we could not continue to function as efficiently as we have always done. Understand this decision weighs heavily on me and is the only way we can remain a formidable Military. On a second note. Soldiers of Vesper are now tasked with the collection of taxes from businesses and those who
  15. As a few of you know my UO accounts ran out last week, Which is why I have not been ingame lately. Being unemployed and still searching for a new job is rather difficult with the state of the economy right now and I am doing my best to get back ingame as soon as possible. As The AGM of Vesper me being out is taking a toll on events and activity right now but I hope all of you are giving Van the respect he deserves as the new GM and coming to any events he schedules. We have quite a plotline planned for you all that I hope you will enjoy. Anyways, I hope to be back within the next two wee
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