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  1. Discovered a very silly oversight, that registered members didnt have the intended rights.. this is now fixed and everyone who is now registered on our site now has access to all features on transfer central.
  2. Currently everyone who is registered on our site. But you can also leave your icq in description and people can contact you direct without registering/logging in. We may add options to limit people by group as per trip creaters preferences and/or option to disable on-site item adding, and need to get in touch with you personally.
  3. Removed the group/registration requirement for the page, guests may now browse it. Will obviously still need to be logged in to add trips and/or item lots.
  4. Haven't had the issue lately, while using my ISP provided DNS servers, will switch back to google DNS now, and see if i can provoke the issue, if so the sinner is found.
  5. Denmark YouSee / (Google Public DNS - which i do generally find quite reliable) Firefox 28,0 Win 7, 64 bit Yesterday ~22:30 CEST (found it fine first time today the one time i visited it today / now)
  6. Hmm.. Does a game has to be top 10 to be good? I think not No need to take it for more than it is
  7. The "cool kids" are already re-nicknaming it "GameFace"
  8. Short answer: Die.. These spells are designed as toggle spells, cast em once to activate, and again to deactivate. Magic reflection is sometimes fickle however as it may not deactivate when cast but replenish the pool instead, casting it an additional time should make it go away then. Knowing someone to cast purge magic (Mysticism spell) on you, should also do the trick. There is no additional way of deactivation them.
  9. There is UOCartographer (http://downloaduocartographer.com/) (I believe this was semi discontinued however) and the newer Ultima Mapper (http://www.ultimamapper.com/) Both are fine to use, and you won't get in trouble for using them. There is a fix to get good old UOAM to work however, is a thread on the internet somewhere..
  10. They are still not common, and as far as i know only source is still that dragon (called crimson dragon iirc), however the type of dragons have been used numerous times in relation to EM events. The gems i consider uncommon and a little worthy, however not super rare or worth multiple millions.. But you may want a second opinion on that, as i am not an expert in the field..
  11. Think of salvage bags as "recycling bags" .. you can craft stuff in them, then use the context menu of it (single click - holding shift is required if you selected that option in settings), to salvage, aka break the stuff into materials again (ingots/leather/cloth), i know a pair of scissors is needed for break tailoring stuff, and i presume a forge is needed nearby for smith items, however i can't remember to be honest. And welcome back! If you need anything just ask in general chat
  12. If you use assist, make sure it start that as admin, as i believe assist permission overrule whatever comes next in chain. Last resort to know if its a permission problem - Disable this UAC (User Account Control - just search for abbreviation in start), it disables this whole layer of privileges etc.
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