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  1. Bracelet is crafter and imbued not hard to make
  2. For pve u don't really need resist. This is my Mage I run I wraith form 120 Mage! 120 eval 120 spell weave 120 mystic 120 focus 100 spirits speak 20 necro (seperate rings with more necro to caste wraith form easily)
  3. Hi I'm at work right now but can help u with a suit and other stuff u may need, I will be online around 430 if u want to give edge/halmarain a shout in general chat or ask for someone in dw for me u can usually see dw randomly in new haven
  4. Latly iv been going to prism of light dungeon to get crystal fragments and can make money pretty good there from crystal demons. I'd say try to find the room with just crystal demons nbring ur tamer, just be carefull cuz they respawn fast but aren't hard and drop maybe 1.2k each
  5. What about being able to reskin armor like they allow in other games? U find armor u like te stats of and put them on armor u like the way it looks. That way everyone won't walk around with leather or wood armor
  6. Minions counted for me in the exodus dungeon but to get overseers I had to go to the camp mentioned above
  7. is is still possible to get on the ledge in keep for fel spawn? i remember i used to do it but dont know how can someone help
  8. im dead at the void pool and cant log back in =( now i have to leave for work untill 430 am
  9. Only reason I did it this way was because when I returned I already had most skills where they are at and just needed to get bushido up
  10. My samp temp is Swords 120 Bush 110 (120 with ring) Parry 110 Tact 100 Necro 100 Anat 94 Chiv 86 My samp is kinda new but so far I have done baracoon spawn with ease, rikktor in 31 min 1 death my 1st attempt havnt tried again,doom 5 rooms and dark father pretty easy,medusa with some deaths just gotta practice her more, and alot of other things I have done so far. I just think gear is alot more important then template
  11. i just found a pretty nice bracelet and was wondering how much would u pay for it. this is perfect for imbuing for a dex, sampire class mana regen 1 enhance potion 10 defence chance 5 hit chance 5 swing speed 5
  12. Thx that's good to know because my 1st time using the bed I didn't get 1.
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