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  1. This is kinda beyond my area of help, but somethings you could try: 1. Get a box set and try to download from the actual CDs. Might can find one on eBay or something. 2. Try to download it on a more modern computer or a friend's computer and then save it to a disc and try to get it on your computer that way, then update as necessary. 3. Remove your direct X version and just re-download it from the UO site when it prompts you to. No idea if any of this will work, just throwing out suggestions for you....and when you get things running, Welcome aboard!
  2. I know there aren't any words that can alleviate the pain you are going through. You, your husband, and the rest of your family. Just know that you have a community here that will help in any way that we can. Praying for quick and painless relief for all of you, in whichever way He sees fit.
  3. I get bored with games a lot as well. Current mmo market is rather stale for me as well. This is where UO shines. I love just logging in and doing anything sometimes. Whether crafting, house stuffs, treasure maps, taming random monsters, or just plain fighting, maybe in an area i haven't been to in some time. I doubt UO has any real plans for shutting down, but I figure we will get a heads-up beforehand.
  4. My first suggestion to a new player would be: Just make a character, run around, explore, learn the basics, and have fun! There really isn't any kind of level barrier or anything to keep a brand new player from experiencing anything, so go wild! go into places, make some mental notes, and die a lot lol The more you learn on your own about this game, the more you will understand when people start talking about methods for earning gold, gathering materials, using skills and completing builds for your characters. Learn how to interact with NPCs, basic combat moves, and basic spell casting (
  5. I have always thought custom is the best way to go. That way I can pick the hardest abilities to train, set them to 50, and set my STR to 60, and go from there. Haven is by far the best place to start since it has the beginner quests for new characters and skill alacrity to 50. I will tell you a neat tip though that might help in the future. Pick custom, choose whatever, but make sure Inscription is set at 49. Start in Haven and make your way to the inscription instructor. It will be a quest to get Inscription to 50. Use your starting materials to make Poison scrolls until 50, should be
  6. Usually, we try to give as much info as we can to new/returning players. It helps to know what shard and type of character (mage, warrior, tamer, etc.) you'd like to make. Beginner guides for each of them can differ. Doing the missions for NPCs is a good way to relearn the basics, so I would suggest sticking with that until you feel more confident in basic combat and just generally getting around. There isn't really an instadie area for new characters, but there are places you can't go if you have the [young] status. I can elaborate further, but will wait until I have a bit more insight o
  7. While I agree, the deeds aren't usually that expensive, you will undoubtedly come across MANY weapons/armor you can use to skill up. I usually don't bother with repairing anything until I have a completed suit that I know I will use up or artifacts that I want to keep using. There really isn't a wrong way to do it.
  8. I know this is a bit late to the party, but... I usually have 2 mules set up. 1 crafter mule and 1 gatherer mule. 120 Imbuing 120 Tailoring 120 Blacksmithing 100 tinkering 100 carpentry 100 arms lore 60 magery I keep soul stones with Bow/fletch and switch out as needed, but if you don't care for archers, this isn't necessary. 100 mining 100 lumberjack 500 whatever Eventually, you want to soul stone these and just use them on whatever character you want, but just starting out/back, it's fine to use a character just for these for now. easiest template to use to farm low-mid items, f
  9. Yes, it saves the card info and everything, but when I try to pick any saved card information to actually subscribe, it takes me to the broadsword homepage and I never get an accept or decline message, but the account stays closed and nothing changes on it. Buying time cards on the Origin site and applying it to the account works fine though.
  10. Wrestling works fine while using a shield. Punch away!
  11. I am in the same boat. They are working on fixing this, but they told me to just buy game time cards from the Origin site until then.
  12. I play on Catskills as my main shard. I solo mostly, but lately been going to the turtle spawn a lot. Usually a few of us are there and a few more usually show up and we complete it. I think Catskills population is somewhere between "farming the places you like without competition" and "enough to do some high-end group stuff." It's all going to be relative to what you are trying to do. If all else fails, use General Chat to get something going. Using Vendor Search, I can find what I'm looking for more often than not...so people are definitely playing somewhere on the shard.
  13. Robert, I like it. What would you think about dropping Healing for Spellweaving to get access to the Mana Shield/Reaper on an Archer? Been contemplating this template myself a bit. Harder dispels from the mastery makes your pixies/imps/nature's furies more appealing. As well as additional heals/shields/stuff. Reaper takes 5 spots, so I was thinking of just using wraith form/curse weapons more than vampire...but that might be stretching it. Are you using any mastery with your current setup? If so, what do you think about it?
  14. Rising Colossus has become my favorite in PVM. 120 focus/myst, even ancient wyrms have some difficulty dispelling. Remember the new mastery system, Magery, Mysticism, Necromancy, Spellweaving make it more difficult for your pets to be dispelled as well. I haven't really tried anything major since the xpac, but my Mystic/Mage/Weaver completely dominates the new spawn. I get primers and artifacts most of the time, so it has to be performing somewhat decently Being able to heal/res is great here. Stone Form during the Phoenix wave is amazing and even more so on the aoe poison dinosaurs, which is
  15. Sure. Once you learn the Taming Mastery Primer 1, you get a few abilities. One of them is called Combat Training. It is a toggle that you can use on an active pet to boost their combat abilities. This toggle can be turned on and off, exactly like the bard masteries. When you activate it, you target your pet and it's on, then just use it again to turn it off. This method is just turning the toggle on and off over and over. It takes 40 mana to turn on, LMC works on it. It doesn't use any regs or anything so I load up on LMC and MR and just set a macro to turn on/off Combat Training on my active
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