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  1. You should first go to uo.com. You will see a "Accounts & Support" button at the top of the page, click on the "Account Login Guide", and the question "Why can’t I cancel my account?": Why can After you carefully read that link, especially "If the account does not currently have an automatic renewal package set up, then there is nothing to be cancelled and the “Cancel Subscription” button will not appear.", go to the account center: https://accounts.eamythic.com/ Check the attached images.
  2. First of all, you need to be very careful to not to lead your creature to places heavily crowded with the creatures of the opposite alignment - even a level 15 creature can die pretty quickly in those places. If you see more than two -let's say evil- creatures, you should avoid that location. You can set the aggression mode to "Defensive" to stop your creature from attacking others. However, as other creatures keep attacking it, it might stop following you even in Defensive mode, unless you constantly move. The best thing to do in those cases is to cast invisibility on it, thus making
  3. Requirements: 2m gold (alternatively, 100k ingots) pack horse (optional) Instructions: Buy 100k iron ingots (type doesn't matter, so go with iron) with your 2m gold, either from the npcs or from player vendors. Donate them to the city trade ministers. You can use a pack horse and donate 15k ingots at once. Interesting Facts: You need 20 hours straight to become Venerated if you only arrest rioters and help protestors. 20 hours means 20 days for an average player. If you already have 100k iron ingots, it takes less than a minute (you can donate 20k ingots at once). 200 ingots (any
  4. It is set up that way since removing your trial period and start the game time immediately without notification would not be appropriate since you technically still have free time. I'd try to create the new account, no matter how hard it is, since that would give you the new player token, as can be seen here. Here's what you should do: either report here (by logging in with your account) or page GMs about "I've applied the game time code but I'm still on trial period. I would like the trial period to end and my game time begin." Since regular GMs have no authorization to lift the "trial" fla
  5. They changed the requirement to conscript a creature, I'm not sure but it might be level 5 now, so I sadly can no longer conscript a creature at level 1, train it in the final level to a decent level and get artifacts. Once again, we lost a perfect system that supported lazy people.
  6. It should be on now, but just to be sure, you can check here.
  7. Its one thing to get a GM fix your item without deleting it or sending you a canned response, which is customer support at its best at that point already, it is whole another thing to see the producer of the game taking her time to fix the item for you and have a nice little chat at the same time. This is not a unique encounter by the way, I've heard about similar stories numerous times since Mesanna became the producer, so much that I hope players don't request her to fix minor things in an effort to compensate for the customer support.
  8. I think they always send their patients to hospitals when there is a good chance of a complication as a result of the surgery. I had a wisdom tooth with "star shaped" roots, and my dentist said that it might cause some serious problems during the operation and directed me to the dental surgery dept. of an hospital. It took about 30 minutes for the dentist to remove the tooth, and at one point I thought he was going to remove my jaw all-together, also having an audience of freshman dental students, called by their tutor, looking shocked, amazed, surprised, disgusted etc. and making "whoa" noise
  9. Just saw a new player in Haven, his name is Ni... err.. Black.
  10. Yes, see: Special Moves - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia
  11. Incorrect, see: Hit Mana Leech - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia
  12. You might want to try Covetous level 1 if you're looking for a starter dungeon. You can pick up the gems from the ground that are mined by the creatures inside which is a good way of making some gold without much effort. However, I think it would be much fun for you to explore Ilshenar, its monster spawns, cities, dungeons etc. Since each moongate has an ankh near it, you can get resurrected pretty quickly if you encounter a paragon or any other difficult creature. The spawn around Compassion moongate is always good for new players, with ratman, brigands, orcs, harpies and corpsers. Don't g
  13. Well there is Fargo, there is me.. err.. and there is also you now, there was this guy who was wearing a bear on his head and I'm sure I saw some others as well, with odd names like seeker of adventure or groom who always want me to escort them to other cities.. Jokes aside, the population has not changed much for the last three years.
  14. I've updated the page for you, make sure you check the sentence that starts with "Note that" on the Damage Modifier section: Damage Calculations - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia
  15. They do have fire breath but it is not the problem. It targets you because they also have fire aura so you need to keep your distance, you can try casting greater heal on your pet from a safe distance.
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