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  1. This evening, a sad event indeed. I will attempt to not show bias or give personal offense so this does not get deleted. My intent is not to report falsely or voice slander, but to document this occurrence. The guild leader of The Mage Tower, made a decision that has effected The Tower of the Moon alliance. CTDM (Covenant of the Dark Moon) is no longer a part of that alliance. Although CTDM was equally a catalyst for this alliance, hence, Tower of the Moon. There was no dialogue with the guild leaders of CTDM prior to the booting of CTDM from the alliance. Nor were any alliance elders presen
  2. There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris has allowed to live. ROFL
  3. Chuck Norris Facts I think this is my favorite so far: There is no chin behind Chuck Norris’ beard. There is only another fist. =)
  4. Jeremy - "That's kinda the point, actually. It'll speed up our patch creation process - and make the whole publish process a wee bit faster overall - if we stop supporting the Renaissance install disk. So, I was asking to get an idea of how many of you haven't reinstalled since... what, 2002? (Discontinuing support won't directly affect you, it just means that if something goes wrong and you have to reinstall, you'll have to download and do a short patch rather than install from disk and do a looooong patch.)" I think it's a good idea to remove it. Seems much easier than all that othe
  5. ROFL and ------> :5badair: (oh this smilie is fun!)
  6. WOW sweet kryss! If it was sc i think it would fetch that 50m. But as it is....Maybe 20m?? Hard to say with the runic improvements of late. You could always try an auction on tradespot. GL
  7. *nods* My perspective is only based on the Baja shard forum. Biased in that respect. So perhaps you are correct. But whoa daddy, you should read the lack of respect and down right mean stuff peeps post there. Sometimes it's jocular. But mostly just nasty! :5badair: (I love this smilie!) LOL
  8. Just wanted to point out, if no one has already, that there are two different Tokuno Promo tokens. One of them only gives you the choice of one dye and another gives the option of 3 dyes! The one that reads: Japan Promotion - Tokuno Dyes... gives one of your choice. The one that reads: Japan Promotion - Pigments Of Tokuno... gives any three of your choice.
  9. I'm in management and this all sounds soooo familiar in so many ways. lol You can never make everyone happy. =P We ask that the Dev's be more accessible and then we FS them as soon as they appear or post...
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