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  1. Honestly back surgery is dangerous and then tend to wait until its so bad that there is a real danger if its not done. The knees thats pretty easy run of the mill surgery in the states. I am not that familar with the clinic rates in florida but I bet you there is someone from the visiting nurses association that is. That might be worth him googleing as he might be able to get that and the rehab for it free or at a reduced cost or even be able to find a lower cost insurance plan.
  2. I think you don't understand pre-existing conditions. If he has had insurance or gets it no matter what is wrong with him it will be covered after he has been with the insurance for 6 months (pregancy being the exception if you get pregant and then buy insurance that isn't coverd). Its designed to prevent people from only buying insurance when they are sick. Additionally if they are working on his knees while it may aggravate the back its not likely that a surgeon will want to touch his back. That being said depending on state and area many (well honestly most) hospitals have whats known a
  3. Right now on chesy there aren't many runic saws (who am I kidding there aren't any) but there are ways around that if your willing to go leather which for somethings might be the way to go.
  4. Good I should acutally be on a bunch next week even though it might be a bit later the usual. Hopefully we can have the whole alliance do some things. Those Pirates and all.
  5. Its ICQ or trillian. Finding a guild depends on what you want to do. UOForums and Stratics are the community hubs with uoguide being the source for game mechanics information. Feel free to ask for me in global or help or ICQ me if you need anything. If your interested in spawning the USA alliance might be a good stop for you as well. There is also the Player run town of Oasis which is designed for new players.
  6. I can help you with your suit. I have made a few of them and for the most part your looking for reforged woodland armor then imbued and then enhanced. Its not cheap by any means and it takes a lot of time to get it done right. There are still a few arties that your going to want in their notable mace and shields a robe and boots as well as a sash everything else is pretty much crafted.
  7. If you want to look only at a few select areas. The cities were relatively developed but take a look at pictures of kabul before the Russian war. Most of the country was not developed in any meaningful way. Cities are not hard to slide back.
  8. Glad we were able to connect. Hopefully I can make it in tonight as this weekend was crazy with work. Sadly I am in the process of getting a new car and that is chewing up more of my time then I like but we should be doing things soon and running spawns so things should be fun.
  9. RBG does some heavy weekend spawning all in fel (well there is the occasional Bedlam or Tok spawn but other then that). We also do enjoy doing peerless if you give a shout out for me or any RBG Emmisarry in global we can get you in. The weekends see the heavist spawning but we are game pretty much all the time and are always looking for new spawners to join us.
  10. I would strongly contest using the term developed. Yugoslavia was at best an intermediate country. While there was industry once you got out of a few areas it could have been the early 20th century or before.
  11. Thats a good question. I believe they are in some way underground but your right that doesn't make much sense at all.
  12. I will find out about the auction scheduling I have been a bit busy this week as I have to buy a car today as mine has died. But I will find out my guess is that it will slip back to saturday at 9 but that is a guess on my end.
  13. Well that is also possible what times are you playing?
  14. You are correct but the scale was such that it should really not be counted as one. Most of the leading decision makers escaped trial at all. Considering that most likely (there are in many cases no numbers) fact that Japan murdered more civilains then Germany did boggles the mind. To be honest most of the Nazi war criminals got off suprisingly easy with "life" ending in around 20 years when they were released from prison.
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