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  1. OMG your horde snuggs! Now everytime I kill a horde I will think of you!
  2. Hi guys! Not sure how active you guys are in wow and not sure if you even like to raid but I thought I throw this out there in case you guys do raid. There is a website call http://be.imba.hu/ which is an online character auditor for WoW. You enter your server name and character name and it brings up some nice information about your char. This info that it gives you is for PVE not PVP. The most important section is at the bottom which is the gear-o-meter. There are 2 sections, the top section will have a red bar and where the red bar is located and everything to the right shows where
  3. I currently play on Ursin and yes it is a pvp server. I like it . I dont bg too much but I love killing people who are questing . Plus when getting ready for raids there is always action trying to see who wins the summoning stone
  4. Very excited for the patch but I wish they stop changing our feral weapons
  5. Sweet, yeah I only have time for one game and I put soo much time into WoW, that I jsut cant quit. Plus I love the new seige tanks you can control in pvp . I also love raiding. Drama with Kel and Rascal? How is Ally's baby? Where in the hell is Kit?
  6. Sweet last time I was on, most of you guys were starting to play AoC, do you guys still play that? Anyone still play UO? How goes LotR Dark? Snuggs, try not to poop your pants, lol Any signs of Dip or Maddux?
  7. OMG, It's been soo long, how are you guys? I'm married now and have a new job and still addicted to WoW What games are you guys playing now? Sorry for being soo short but will be visiting forums more often now.
  8. Similar to what the above poster has said they are changing mount lvl requirement to help get thru the lower levels faster. Tho I do like the ideal of getting a 55g refund back but 55g is nothing nowadays, all you need to do is 4-5dailys to get 55 gold
  9. I hate spammers! But like someone else said just ignore them.
  10. Snuggs, I looked at all the gear from both factions and shoulder enchants from both factions and decided to go with Scryers. Doesn't mean you made a bad choice but you should look at the loot you can get from both factions. I'm not much of a role player so I didn't pick Scryer b/c they were high elves, they could of been devil worshipers and I still would of picked them if the loot was right, lol. Yeah, I know I am a terrible Night Elf
  11. The beauty of a pvp server! When I was at new island yesterday there were a few groups froming just to do the dailies there and kill all the horde that was in our way. Non-pvp servers take alot of things for granted, for instance, if you ever do kara, more and more guilds are doing kara now and its a battle to see which faction controls the summoning stone. You can get lots of honor there, lol!
  12. Not that I know of Snuggs . You just follow it on your own Why was the target moving? Did they pull aggro?
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