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  1. The guild still exists but I am kinda just leaving it inactive.. I decided to occupy my favorite town of Cove and operated a forum and website separate from the UO forums.. Might as well archive it..
  2. Excellent report and uhh, thanks for sealing that up I guess? Anyways, keep up the work! *scribbles* - Palin Whiteblade, Senior Captain
  3. So, you wish to be the new Senior Captain of the Rangers of Skara Brae!? Well, let's get to work on your trials then, which will consist of multiple parts.. I want a report for each trial..! You do not have to do them in order if you do not wish although it is preferred that you do.. For the trials you will start with nothing but scissors, a sextant, a dagger and clothes on your back! During your trials you may NOT access your bank, though some folks tend to lie and you may not use any storage in any of our homes, if you are caught then you fail the trials! You are also to keep a journal on
  4. Don't forget to vote for Palin in the Skara Brae elections! Why vote for him? Well, that's an easy question! Palin has helped Skara Brae in more ways than one! After some women in became the queens of Vesper and with the collapse of the Covian army, Palin spent much time within Skara Brae helping with the riots, he joined a small, tiny group at the time made up some inhabitants from Spiritwood, he went onto become their head captain and formed a militia, which continues to grow! He has helped establish a new tavern in Spiritwood, as well as a church, a library, an arena, a barracks, severa
  5. Aye, here be Riker Vaklu's records, I did it for him! http://www.uoforums.com/bank-accounts-profiles/99952-riker-vaklu.html#post631350
  6. ~ Create and maintain your own profile under bank accounts & profiles ~ Post your name, rank and LINK to your newly created profile below. This ask may be completed once per rank. *signed* Palin, Senior Captain
  7. ~ Create and maintain your own profile under bank accounts & profiles ~ Details on how to do this can be found there ~ Post your name, rank and link to your newly created profile below. This ask may be completed once per rank. *signed* Palin, Senior Captain
  8. So eh, easy task for you initiates! All I need to know is who is yer daddy and what does he do!? Actually, I dunnae want to know about yer daddy, just you! Yer name, where ye hail from perhaps? ~ Write a short biography of your character. ~ Include important information such as name, age, place of birth etc. as well as a little background information too. ~ Post your character's biography below. This task may only be completed Initiate's This task may only be completed once per character. *signed* Palin, Senior Captain
  9. Better yet, I wish someone would buy the rights of UO from EA and revive the game..
  10. Example of Report Structure: [Title] When: [Date, Time] Where: [Location X] Ranger in command: [Fill in Name, rank] Rangers in attendance: - [Fill in Name, rank] - [Fill in Name, rank] - [Fill in Name, rank] - [Fill in Name, rank] - [etc...] What: [What you did.] This is an example of a simple report that can be used when writing reports for Patrols, Trainings, Battle Reports, Sentries, Hunts and more!
  11. I use http://www.imageshack.us or http://www.photobucket.com to upload and host my images. It's extremely kool, and has a very high rate of bandwidth, you do need an account on them, it is free! You simply click "Browse", select your file, and then "Upload" to Photobucket or Imageshack, it is always there! You can then copy it as an image url off to the side (If you're using Photobucket.) then paste into your report! Easy! Any questions/queries/problems then do not hesitate to reply to contact me directly.
  12. Creating Reports # 2 An Intro for people unsure about how to post pics First of all, make sure you have the programme I have listed above (Gadwin). It's a handy piece of kit, and at the click of a button can save a screenshot of UO as jpg file to a specific folder. Alright, so you've pushed the button and got the screenshot. Now the editing. It is best to crop your screenshots (i.e. cut down to the most relevent area of the screenshot) to save webspace and increase loading time. For this ye can use something simple, such as Microsoft Paint. For Exemple... 1. Open up Microsoft Paint (Us
  13. *copied and edited from another site* I thought I'd just post a lil' message about reports. Reports are great. They are fun and they show that a guild is active, which is definitely a morale booster for all members. Reports don't have to be too long, or a stunning piece of English literature. Placing down the facts, in roleplay, with a few simple pictures is all it takes. Here's a checklist of things to include; * The Event (i.e. dungeon hunt, market, patrol). * Purpose behind event. * Members involved. * Achievements. * Things that went well. * Things that went BAD! * Pictures. That's
  14. BASHING TITANS! When: 5-26-12 Led By: Palin, Marshal Rangers in attendance: Kiera Westaman, Forester Nilrem Vaklu, Forester I had to break some horrible news to Kiera on Sunday, news which put her in the mood to go on a killing spree, and so we did. We met up at the moongate of the Honest virtue in Ilshenar, we travelled through the north valley from the moongate, killing several gazers and imps along the way, we traveled east down the road after crossing a bridge and continued along our way as we killed many ettins and ended up at a cave which was full of one-eyed frea
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