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  1. Thank you for your interrest in Republic of Vesper! Please fill in and post below: Get in touch with the Citizen Office. If you dont use ICQ - I am sorry, but then we cant recruit you. The ICQ is what we use to keep in touch with our Guildmates, and essential for being a part of the town of Vesper - and the rest of the roleplaying community. GM: Anira Cuilwen
  2. Why not freeze all former books and let only new, working Books be used at some point. Like doing a new item to replace an older?
  3. Look out for RAAM. If you are interested in roleplay too, shout
  4. Oh really? Hm. Maybe. Did you know that those in east Germany never paid in for their pension. Yet they get the same like we now and we pay that too. And we still pay repairs for the Last worldwar and crap. We pump money out into the world to like everyone. The Greek got so much and just received they dare to call us Nazis and stuff. Gawd am fed up now. Stupid world
  5. Yes and yes. And this only cause we pay much over 50% taxes when you sum it up.
  6. Indi 4 was total crap. All Lucas Film remakes too. He is just a greedy man who lost his creativity long ago. On a funny side Note. Movies Seem to be better if the budget is low these days. Does not apply to all but exceptions confirm the common.
  7. Indeed there are few things. But nothing big to worry about as far I know. I would highly suggest using the classic client for house editing. I know about following issues of the enhanced client in gards to house design: - It is not possible to create "broken" staircases (like L-Shaped ones), also the EC will destroy any existing if there when going to edit - It drops much more items into the moving crate (when items end up in an invalid position after editing, EC handles much more as invalid than the classic client) - The "valid structure" check is little different he new client, if somethi
  8. Well, population is not as big as it was few years back but also there are not many bank sitting or anything. Europa's people are pretty much spread out everywhere instead of bank sitting
  9. And we had no issues yet did we? (just curious)
  10. Anira Cuilwen

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    Various pictures made for reports I am hosting on my account ;)
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