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  1. Right on welp officially back Van if you cruise these forums the slap was a love slap
  2. Beeeeeccccaaa! Haha good to see you're all still around!
  3. Ah good deal, ill download the clients and the undoubtedly millions of patches that have come in my absence. Got caught up in life, or rather life caught up with me, yadda yadda yadda, long story short got my life in order now that its settled I'm ready to cure the itching nostalgia tick in the back of my brain.:3
  4. Not sure if anyone is around anymore or if any of you even remember me. Buuuut, if Swaggers is still up and running I'd come back to UO
  5. The plan is, give ol' Hoagie a shipment of the goods to build precious trust with the man. I know this is risky, but I believe it will be beneficial in the long run. So with that said we need a shipment of some goods north of the barracks. He understands that im not fully informed at the moment so if any changes needed to be made, they need to be made soon. *Signed neatly* Drake
  6. With the meeting on Hoagie at Swaggers it Became apparent Hoagie had nothing to his end of the deal and hostilities rose on both sides. I acted as though I was to betray Kiran and leak information althought it was just the opposite. Ive gained the trust of Hoagie but more importantly access to their information and plans. *Signed Neatly* Drake
  7. Hoagie seems to have children aged one to eleven. From the information gather he is either at the barracks, green goblin, or home. Sadly not yet was i able to find his home or gather its whereabouts. However he says he wishes to talk again sometime so there is hope. *Signed neatly* Drake
  8. Hey Porky there happens to be my best friend.
  9. David - Drake - Mr. Stop Sign - Nick - Kelleagh Found this sign on the side of the road otw to Anime Iowa. There was a bad accident so we were stuck for two hours. Lofflecakes.
  10. Net went down and car broke down, 'll be gone for ahwile, ill try to hop onto ICQ every now and then if I manage to mug my friends ICQ. Sorry guys. See yah soon! Drake
  11. Im not hitting in ALL of them....just most.. and the reason you nay see nipples is because ive nay seen the money!
  12. I love looking so fine in the moring....
  13. Welcome :party2::cheers::party2:
  14. 18th Birthday Help me please.... The Crew HIGH HOH SILVER AWAYYY! Im Hard XXX Core while playing Time Crisis...
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