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  1. Not myself, no. I played on a much older friends account. Beta accounts and launch accounts were kept entirely seperate dbase wise, as launch accounts were affected by the transaction backend that mpath created, and betas were not.
  2. September 25th, 1997. I'm assuming consumer accounts and system administrative accounts / staff accounts were kept in a seperate dbase back then.
  3. So, after some interaction with EA Austin it appears that my original account was the very first Ultima Online account created. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. So, given this data I'm thinking I should keep this account active - at least until EA kills the titles budget and the servers are turned off.
  4. Man that Sable guy is a jerk! He always PMs me and calls me fat, and stuff.
  5. I think thats pretty clear....
  6. Well !!!!, if thats where the bar is at.. Seer Adamantyr Katrina Windsong Antonio Montana Tristam Brador Dangarion Jetstar Nose Goblin Lady Retribution Bruin Calhoun Nadir Entreri ImaNewbie Seer Rhykan Stella Maris Zed Crypt/Ldy Death Richard Entreri Steihl Szass Tam Meredith Fuer Vuerdin Gwendlyn Firemane Sarlock Longbow Ilyrna Arlas Wickes Wild Cherry Calamaranda JuffaArchui I could go on, and on, and on..
  7. I've never noticed any animation issues in 2D..
  8. Peaches/Advantium of the Pacific Training Institute.
  9. The world just ain't safe for any pirates these days.
  10. This is interesting to me, because over the eight or so years I played I had several accounts and never *ever* had any issues with them. However, assuming this would follow the WoW model and be purely optional then I would have to agree with the fact that it can't hurt.
  11. Haha that was frackin AWESOME! What was that?!
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