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  1. I am sorry to see this idea fail. If only there were a few weekly RP events going community wide i feel many would return.
  2. I notice when UO loads up there is information saying we were not allowed to lock stuff down in our houses due to some problem they were having with housing holiday gifts. Has this problem been fixed now, can we deco our houses once again please?
  3. I am very shocked to log in and see this post. She was without a doubt one of the greatest people in the old UO community, one of the best roleplayers i have ever known and one of the nicest people i am likely to ever meet in any game or in the real world. She put up with my character Olaf arresting her for nothing so many times and when she would walk onto the screen on any given roleplaying evening in Trinsic i would always know the evenings roleplaying would be better because of it. I cannot help but feel very sad to hear this news. Rest in peace Sally.
  4. I didnt say it out-right wtf? I made two seperate comments in one post. You all need to learn to read english grammar properly. Either way this is enough to rinse my interest. Good luck with your endeavour of which i was trying to make positive comments and get jumped on for doing so.
  5. I certainly did not say that, i said what the CoB members are doing is great *full stop* >>>.<<< I then went on to make a comment about what i'd personally like to see happen in Uo RP. Thats all. Two seperate comments that happen to be in the same post. Fucking hell. You folk need to not analyse what people say so deeply.
  6. Van it is nice to see things never change in UO. I did not mean anything in such a way as to say anyone would do a better job than anyone else. I simply meant that ALL leaders/event leaders/officers from all of the community together in one guild would be great. It is something i have wanted to see in UO RP for a long time. I did not mean the few i named above would do a better job than anyone else. Good lord *sighs*
  7. Fair enough, you make some clear, good points Tanya and i do not mean to downplay anyones effort here. These lads are doing something and that is better than nothing. What i'd personally like to see in UO RP would be along the lines of many of the past/present leaders/event makers/officers all working together within one guild. If these guys could get people like Esca/Dart/Irvyn/Hanse/Callumf and so on involved that would mean major activity and LOTS going on each day. Could it happen without mass-drama, i doubt it, but it would be a hell of a show finding out. Anyway as i said before, kee
  8. Sorry but to me UO RP is a fond memory though not enough to drag me back to the RP community. I am just an old fart i am sure no ones super eager to get back however if you guys want to pull the many *old folks who never log in anymore* back you need to do something spaztacular and this city of brit idea with its *start over in UO with a new toon* concept did seem like it might be just the thing. From what Alice is saying though maybe a clear goal needs to be laid out and stuck to like glue. Do you want to get old players back or do you want to try and build another city guild to which you hop
  9. Must say i agree with many points the first poster Alice made. Having played in many MMO's since my time in UO 4+ years ago now, i have really missed the old CoY/Grd style of new characters and it had interested me in making a new guy to join up with. You are kind of removing the *start over - new character* concept that had originally sparked my interest in this *new RP in UO*. Its basically now just another UO RP city guild and not a place where anyone can and must start again. It removes the fairness in the concept of the guild. If played rightly, it could have been the grounding of a new U
  10. Kamchack, thinking about it i am pretty sure i remember you from LB, do you recall Elora or Zed by any chance? Elora was a scout or archer, Zed was a grunt/guard type. Would have been about 2001-2002 time.
  11. On a different note, is this *ultima forever* thing a single player or a new MMO?
  12. I've actually never closed my account, just not been involved in any sort of community/RP guild for many years and have ceased using ICQ. I did however have a wander around brit last night and noticed some of you city of brit folks. Might be tempted to roll an alt and join at some point soon! If no ones already mentioned it, organised regular *RP power hours* or *RP nights* would be a good idea to get some of us old folks turning up, if anyone is willing to run them.
  13. Great news to hear someone is trying something new on UO europa rp. Keep up the good work lads!
  14. Sniping only works when you have a loaded gun Shali. You will have to do better than that.
  15. Is Saktoth back at all? If not then who is leading now?
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