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  1. They watched from afar as the Wanderer crept out of the void, faster than it had been able to do before. It was blatantly obvious, that the barriers were weakening at an alarming rate. There was a warning system in place now. Horns would be sounded, causing the citizens to scurry away to the towers to seek shelter behind the barricaded gates. So far it had worked, with no further casualties. However, it would only be a matter of time until more would break through the gap, maybe threatening even the mages that struggled to keep the rift sealed. After a while Aryala stepped back from the batt
  2. Aryala and Dupre watched as the remains of poor Fergus were carried away to be analysed and buried. Compared to war or crime it had been a nearly tranquil death, but the inevitability of it was most shocking. They had been watching, not knowing how to prevent it, not knowing how to deter the creature from its grisly meal. She shuddered at the memory of all the tentacles, the horns, the gelatinous mass that writhed and wriggled. A Wanderer of the Void, a creature from beyond the veil of reality. But the idea was sound. A call to explorers and scientists around the world to bring forth their
  3. It was but the size of the eye of a needle, and yet it was there. A gap in the force fields maintained by the mages. The first sign of their weakening. Aryala would never have noticed it, would never have known it was there at all. But ~something~ had begun to squeeze through the opening. Impossible as it seemed, something much larger than the opening was pushing through, squeezing, squirming, wriggling in unspeakable and horrible ways that seemed to offend both the eyes and the mind. Already there were tentacles on this side, several at once, stretching out. Soon it would be all the way throu
  4. *a letter is being delivered to Sir Dupre* OOC Note: Yesterday night saw the beginning of a new plotline that we will hopefully spin further during the next weeks. Respective posts will be marked with the 'Rising Darkness Plot' in the title for you to follow them as the story unfolds. Such a plotline very much lives from the feedback and active participation of you, the players. We would therefore like to encourage you to take part and to share your experiences here on the boards. We have spoken to the EM about the possibility of a reward scheme and while there cannot be any promises ye
  5. Diplomatic Success in Trinsic! In an exclusive interview for the Trinsic Beacon Governor Aryala revealed that her recent absence was directly connected to the diplomatic efforts with the gargoyles. Furthermore, her visit to Ter Mur has led to a breakthrough in the talks. As a result, several gargoyles will soon be visiting Trinsic to function as ambassadors between their government and the City. According to the governor it is the hope of both parties to further strengthen the friendship and cooperation between the races and to support each other in times of need. Furthermore, it will be a
  6. The desk groaned under the weight of the paperwork that was being piled upon it. Nevertheless, she found it hard to determine if the campaign against crime and espionage in Trinsic could be considered a success or not. On the one hand, they had not reached a breakthrough yet. According to the city watch there had been citizens prowling the streets, hunting for evidence and suspicious behaviour, but they had not made any arrests yet. However, the sudden wave of attention had apparently flushed most of the culprits into hiding, almost instantly lowering the amount of reports of actual crimes com
  7. The sorceress was seething. It was less of a visual experience, but more of a deeply felt tension that captured Ethan from the moment he entered the little office by the docks. Without any spoken words she pushed the evening edition of the Trinsic Beacon towards him. ‘Crime wave in Trinsic’, he read aloud and then skipped through the first paragraphs. ‘All forms of crime… from petty to heavy… spies… thieves… will murder be next?’ He finished reading and looked up at her. ‘Is it really this bad then?’ In response she pushed a heap of paper towards him. Near the edge the veritable tower of rep
  8. *Please note: this is the beginning of a quest in which -you- can participate. See the end of this story for details.* One by one she turned the cards, arranging them in an all too familiar pattern. The subject and its influence. The waning, the waxing and the full moon. The pillars. The future. And last of all, the secret of the high priestess. Just as she had turned the first cards around she heard steps on the stone stairs leading down into the cellar. Ethan would be uncomfortable, she knew. He always was, down here, but it would not do to discuss these things where strangers and spies migh
  9. *the town crier in Trinsic steps up to read a proclamation to the gathering citizens* Hear Ye, Hear Ye!! A trade deal has been arranged with the warrior’s guild of Trinsic. All citizens are invited to benefit from this arrangement and thus to increase their ability to strike their foes in combat. His Grace, Duke Irvyn Middlethorn of Trinsic, wishes to remind all citizens on this occasion that these are troubled times and that the strength and prowess of every citizen will be required to keep our beloved city safe and prosperous. Furthermore, the Lady Governor wishes to make known t
  10. With a gloved hand Aryala brushed over the upholstery of the chair and settled down in the governor’s seat for the first time. With delicate movements she tugged off her gloves and placed them aside before shuffling through the mounds of untended paperwork which buried the desk. Through the windows drifted the sounds of workers and sailors from the docks. It seemed to her a fitting background for her new office. There was much work to be done and many things amiss in the city. Activity was not was it was, the income of the city’s treasure meagre and the guilds had been neglected so long that i
  11. Citizens of Trinsic! Today I speak to you as a candidate in the elections for the position as governor of Trinsic. Many of you will know me from my time and offices in the Duchy of Trinsic, which I am honoured to represent in this election. To those that do not yet know me: I am Aryala, a sorceress, scholar and seeker of knowledge. During the last months, our previous governor has all but failed at meeting the expectations which you, the citizens of our fair city, held for this position. Negotiations with the guilds of Trinsic failed miserably, so that you were not able to employ a benefit
  12. I agree. But it still won't help if they don't tell all the others that they started something... (I'll stop before I repeat myself *polite cough*)
  13. I agree. And as a note on the side: when I commented somewhere on these boards being inactive I caught a punch along the lines of "we rather play than write novels". To this idea and to all the others I can only emphasize that if I do not KNOW about something then as a general rule I will not attend. Even if that may surprise some.
  14. Is there really still a community here? As far as I am aware the interaction amongst guilds has all but stopped. Trips to other cities mostly leave us wandering empty streets and even EM events, which usually turned out two or three RPers are nowadays often just strangers and one or two DoTs. Even Yew, which always struck me as undefeatable, seems to have vanished. There might be a few people struggeling still, but without some coordinated effort I am not sure how long it is still worth the time and effort only to wander around aimlessly clinging to old memories.
  15. I am likely to run for Trinsic's election, though it is quite hard to tell how many others and what groups are likely to do the same. With the game as it is I have trouble even telling who all is registered for the city as citizens and therefore voters. While we see it for RP purposes mostly others might run just for the ability to choose the benefits or to dish out amusing titles or just for chuckles. Without some overview about who is actually all claiming to be citizens of one town it is very hard to get a feeling for all of this.
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