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  1. Hello everyone! Its been a while since i logged onto these forums, i used to be a member of A^K long ago before it was disbanded. And ive been dabbling out of other MMOs since, been glued to WoW a fair bit (im sure many of you are scowling now!) But the curiosity of the new expansion has drawn my interest a litte, are many players still around on Europa? and is the RP scene still alive? And what is the general vibe of stygian abyss? Hope you are all well! Shiko Tsunami
  2. pff sent off the form and never got a placement... lame!
  3. Would anyone be able to help me out or point me towards a decent place to buy some? Reply to this thread or PM me Cheers!
  4. Well having just looked at things since KR was first announced, the screenshots and interface arnt looking to bad. The graphics are reminicent of a game i used to play called Divine Divinity. And the interface is looking a little less stressful to me. Though to be honest there wasnt really much wrong with the interface in tthe first place. Still waiting for a good reason to well and truely get my teeth sunk into UO again, this looks like it could be it.
  5. Well since i have the weekend off, i might pop my head around the corner and hop along with Veg, and Jeppers
  6. Shiko


    The stone looks really nice... but i wouldnt even touch a crystal house...
  7. Bwhaha heres a picture of some random Emo nub dunno who he is or anything......
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