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  1. At least Boo had the good sense to conceal his identity in case of future blackmail...
  2. Nah, Cal just liked to watch. Especially when it came to a bit of soapy man-on-man action.
  3. OMFG, how do you know? (PS, Pala might take exception to the GM part - I was only ever Number Two to his Doctor Evil. All that deadly poison I snuck into his ale never seemed to work, even if it did turn his hair green. *grumble*)
  4. Aww, just stumbled upon this (don't visit these forums very often these days!) and flattered to be added. Couple of suggestions: Lord Helrick - he was the EGM character before Jordan Jurrell, and sacrificed himself in that big Oblivion battle in Britain (which I didn't go to, but read the write ups). Dravon Vlagshaw - he was the founder of A^K and Kaldor's first General. He was before my time and was a bit of a contraversial character, from what I can glean, but both in OOC (for founding A^K) and IC (for trying to conquer Britannia) terms he's definitely notable. Perhaps you should make
  5. I started RPing around 2002 so although I'm not sure I was there when the screenie was taken, it wouldn't have been too long after.
  6. I don't think I could fit one in my one room studio flat. And imagine the pet food - the cans would be the size of cars. And as for the litter box...well if you've smelled the carnivore enclosures at the zoo, you just know it wouldn't be pleasent...
  7. Archers used to be quite rubbish - if you fired an arrow and then moved, that arrow would "fail" so you would have to fire, stand around a bit, then move. Not ideal. This stopped after AoS (can't remember exactly when) so you could fire and move with impunity. And of course, with the moving shot special, you could also fire on the move. Add to that the other specials, and things like the dreaded chiv consecrate, and archery got a whole lot more powerful.
  8. I think you hit the nail on the head there, Kaelith. When I think about it, that's largely what spoiled it for me too. Well, that and the fact most of the people I really enjoyed playing with disappeared.
  9. UO is doing better than SWG, even. Still, not tempted to return.
  10. I only took one pic and cba to get it off my camera, as several people took the same photo (Vickie drinking a JUG of sloth, which is a cocktail made from cream and chocolate sauce - how she wasn't sick I don't know).
  11. I left because numbers plummeted and my guild died. I don't think there is any way to change this. I actually did like UO as a game but a lot of the stuff I was doing when not RPing was based on supporting my RP characters and guild, so feels rather pointless now. Still, I never did download KR, and don't like the idea of 2D being phased out. I'm not that interested in graphics (so long as something looks recognisible, that's good enough for me). I still enjoy playing back through stuff like Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale - the better graphics have got, the more shallow and lacking in narrativ
  12. Mmph is everyong going to drop out now? I'd be surprised if there were many meets after this, everyone is already losing touch - rarely see anyone on ICQ any more and seems not many check the boards.
  13. Right, booked my room now so this better still be happening!
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