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  1. I'm already playing free shards, though not because they're free. Some offer gameplay elements that "modern", UO is lacking... and no... I'm not a PK or a griefer. I preferred single facet and pre-AoS gameplay. Simple as that. After playing UO since early 1999, I decided finally I had been giving my money to EA for far too long, for content I didn't really like. Instead now, I donate to a couple of well organised and very professionally run free servers.
  2. Well, given I've cancelled my accounts as of the other day, having played since 1999, UO has already pretty much "died" for me anyway. I'm in support of them releasing classic shards and won't re-subscribe until such a time that (*if*) they become a reality. After so many years waiting for this to happen and listening to the same old carrot dangling, I decided enough was enough. So at the moment, I'm not playing any form of UO, mainly because any of the decent free servers with anything towards faithful pre-AoS era gameplay, aren't in the same continent as me, therefore my latency to them
  3. Since I've moved all my characters to Europa, the only thing that's a little disappointing is the lack of "proper" factions action. I did move from Great Lakes though, where mainly TB and CoM worked the sigils and captured the towns all the time. Main PvP action seems to be around Yew gate and raiders in the dungeons or champ spawns. I've always enjoyed working with good teams on base raids / defence, stealing the sigils and guarding them. There's some really good looking PvP groups on Europa, so maybe in the future, we can get some good old fashioned factions activity going again.
  4. "Oh... My... God!" - [OMG!] Guildmaster - Evlar OMG! Forum & Recruitment Board & UO.com's Guild Index ICQ Evlar 550-932-722 OMG! is growing quickly, though it's not our aim to be the biggest of guilds. Our guild was established for players of all ages and abilities, to have fun and laughs, free of grief and problems. We will welcome new and old players, help with skill training as we have veterans of every class, support and encourage all crafting activities, regular hunts and an auction every month, as well as other player-run events. All members are equally important! Altho
  5. -Y- Guild Auction This Friday 8:30pm EST (16th October) and every month on a Friday thereafter. If you wish to submit an item, please contact one of the following Auction Team Members, either in-game or via ICQ: 384 976 314 - Satura 550 932 722 - Evlar 349 265 313 - Avengence 581 875 952 - Siren 239 857 005 - Ruzzo All of the above are authorized guild members and auctioneers. All will carry the -Y- guild tag. They will meet you in-game and issue you with a blue submission bag. Your item should be placed in the bag and the book completed with your name and ICQ number. Out au
  6. Whay Yaya-Ri said... I'm on a 3G connection in Spain (may as well be dialup) and play Great Lakes, in -Y- nonetheless and I manage just fine. They're well used to my 4 steps... pause... 4 steps... pause.... Great bunch of people
  7. Thanks for this guide... it's finally made me buck my ideas up and actually work taming, instead of reliance on the modified outfit I use. 120 animal lore naturally, but taming boosted from 87 to 120 through mod items. I still refuse to pay the silly prices for taming SOTs. They want 1mil per 0.1 point on Great Lakes...
  8. AFK is a risk, like I mentioned, though the worst I've seen happen is someone loses connection or a GM pops up to "chat" with them. Certainly nothing worse than the horse thumpers around Luna As for if someone opens the door in the little cottage, the spectrals do little to no physical damage. Even bare handed and nekked... your char is more likely to kill them. In the NW corner of Old Haven on Great Lakes, someone has placed a marble patio house. This is another superb spot to stand and gain resist. I have my suspicions that this is "owned" by someone "other" than a regular player, if yo
  9. I've not seen this method mentioned, so here goes... This approach to gaining resist is pretty quick and definitely painless. First of all, head to any NPC mage and buy your skill up to 40.0 or whatever the highest is you can buy. There's a "Resist Trainer" in New Haven in the northern part of the town, who will also give you a "quest" to get to 50.0 skill, if you want to do this. Then, head to Old Haven, which lies east of New Haven and the bank. Enter war mode and look to tag as many Spectral Spellbinders as you can find, the more the better. Once you've grabbed plenty of them,
  10. Thanks for the link kitara... that looks a useful utility
  11. Nobody uses the old-fashioned blade spirits training method these days then? Always used this method with guildmates way back when....
  12. Re-deeds fine clicking middle with an axe like with other deeded items. As with other deeded items and statues, if you're going to customize your house, make sure you re-deed and put them in a safe place. Painful loss of items over the years has taught me to always do that. As for placing these, they take up 6x6 tiles, but require a good 8x8 minimum of clear space to place. When placing, look for what will roughly be the middle of the codex.
  13. Unfortunately I've not been able to craft a candelabra called KOK yet... =) Would be funny to do pouches with boards, ingots and a book that says "IKEA Self-Assembly Forge... Instructions available in all languages, except those you actually understand. (Skill to make not included)" I'm currently building up my stocks and figuring out good ways to stock the vendors so everything is easy to see. Fine with the enhanced client that I use and love when it comes to storage, but for those bigger items, it can be troublesome for the classic client players to see "behind" certain items. So lots
  14. I was quite lucky when I came back to UO four months ago. I sent them an email that I was considering a return, would I be able to reactivate an account I had in 2004... yes was their reply. They even included links for the client downloads, etc... seeing as the last one in a box I had was Samurai Empire. So they were indeed very helpful getting me back into the game... if only the same could be said when since then I've lost countless items to stupid bugs... grrrrr lol.
  15. It's at times like this that I wish I hadn't sold my original account that I started way back when lol.
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