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  1. hehe Thing is that its been working wonderfully with the beta, and its been working for hours with this version too. So it seems like some sorta bug in the system really, not somert with win7
  2. to add.. windows sound and all other games n applications works fine
  3. So i installed windows 7, its been working smooth with UO for like a week or two. Then just suddenly today its been starting to act all weird. My sounds been totally bugged, i have a Audigy Pro X-Fi soundcard in my desktop. It wont play footsteps nor effects properly, it only play the low low low bass notes. Its really weird, ive tried reinstalle duninstalling and revoking the old drivers for the SB card, ive tried reinstalling the UO Client (enhanced) twice, ive tried to unplug and reinplug the speakers, ive tried to listen thru headphones .... nothing works... anyone else with this problem
  4. Thanks for all the replies, yeah i saw the GGS thing before, but i figured it had to have some kind of alg for gaining without having to wait 20h per .1 gain. Anyways, pretty much figured out now thanks alot again.
  5. A simple question, a while back once a day when you logged in you had a powerhour for skillgain. Im just curious as to where i can read about the stats for skillgain and how to get the most out of the hours chasing skills. Is there still a powerhour? Is combining spells and abilities the best way? well in short, how does it work today? Just curious cause ive been at necromancy for the last 5days and im stuck at 91,7% casting lich form(like read in the guide here on uoforums) and i just cant get it further. Should i cast two diff things or keep pressing that bloody f1 key and cast lich form
  6. PortForward.com - Free Help Setting up Your Router or Firewall good site regarding ports and the likes
  7. Still if youre on a dynamic IP, try opening the command prompt. Note! Internet will die during this procedure, and if somert fubars with your ISP you may have to call them. Open DOS prompt and write this ipconfig /all --- see if theres somert weird then ipconfig /release all --- releases all connections via the protocols installed from your NIC ipconfig /renew all -- renews all connections, so if there was someone trying to hitch a ride on your modem, no more ... Id also check if your firewall isnt trying to stop some of the packages from that 3rd server your mentioning. It might be t
  8. Well its easy enough, im trying to delete a character cause i misspelled the name. I click delete and press ok, nothing happens. Tried waiting over night and pressing delete like 5 times if it had somert to do with like "Press delete and wait 5 hours before confirming"... still the toons still in my list What should i doooo? Thanks Using Enhanced client btw
  9. Are you running on Vista by any chance? I had a problem with the new services concerning the autoconfigs, like plug n play drivers for NICs and WLAN NICs. Check by r.clicking "my computer" then "Manage" then "services" then "manage services" on the bottom youll find them. See if theyre on auto, stopped or manual. Manual is preffered then you can manage you protocols by urself like in 95 98 etc. If these services provide problems its usally shows itself by telling you you dont have any internet access only LAN access. They might also if on auto jump you up and down all the time or connect to
  10. Veeri


    well non RP i guess, the ones ive seen on these forums are pretty much just roleplaying based. I dont really have time to get into character and such so im pretty much more just interested in playing the game and having fun really. If you have any suggestions?
  11. Veeri


    Just curious which of these forums would be best to look for an active guild to join? Ive seen the RP forum but it doesnt really seem like the right place, anyways thanks.
  12. Not really sure where to post this ... if this is at the wrong place please say so :I Hey all, greetings from Sweden. Im not new to UO but fairly, its been since Renaissance that i last played. But i have a pretty good melee char with gm in RS Sword Bushido Parry Tactics with some chivalry skills for travel and buffs. Currently working on getting necro to gm, seems to be the new fotm hehe. Anyways, im looking around for a guild whod accept a european playing guy able to play CET 0600-0900 and ever so often entire weekdays, not often on weekends tho(wife sigh... hehe). Hunting in an aroun
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