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  1. It seems your Private Message dissapeared from my box. We'll have to get in touch to arrange things, I look forward to meeting you.
  2. Usually we just need people to play certain roles (town guard, evil mage, etc.) but you are always welcome to create a character and come roleplay with us. Its typically quite a bustling city and we would love to see street urchins, merchants peddling their wares, pickpockets, citizens, travelers, etc. Contact me at 258-941-388 if you want details. Ill be sure to post when we have an actual event though (we often have lectures, Royal Courts, hunting, invasions, etc.)
  3. I have now. I actually have a nice group of friends now who have repeatedly stuck their necks out for me and helped me get back on my feet. Just wishing I had my rares back
  4. I quit UO about a year ago (last July) and gave away my house (at Yew Moongate) full of arties, armor, etc. In the end I gave away about 30-40 arties (carapice, etc), several +25 stat scrolls, powerscrolls galore, and several million gold to some good friends. I ended up returning to UO last may and these "friends" gave me a 100k loan that they expected me to pay back. Who needs enemies when you have friends?
  5. Great to hear! Ill definetly post our next big event here!
  6. I can almost garauntee that orcs are not the new playable race. With publish 42, EA just gave us some playable races through the back door. Polymorph lost its timer. You can polymorph into an Orc and play an orc to your hearts content for months on end (assuming you don't die). Same goes for daemons, ettins, etc. I would assume they go with a animal/human mix race (like most new MMORPGs are).
  7. GM locked down things don't really exist. You are referring to Seer Lock down in Player Run towns/establishments. Like mentioned before, player towns are just groups of homes that a guild/community declares as their town. There is no ingame or out of game suppourt from EA for this. Seers use to (and I have heard of no recent instances of this) keep an eye on good towns/establishments and reward with lock downs that game did not offer (also, at the beginning lockdowns were not available and some taverns had to re decorate every night. The Seer lock downs greatly helped these groups.) If y
  8. Catskills (US) and Europa (in Europe) seem to be the most active RP communities. And no, you dont have to make new characters in the new client, it will transfer over. Also, I sent you a message, let me know when you get it.
  9. Depends what your looking for.... RP: On certain shards it's alive and thriving. PVP: I think any shard will do if you hang out in Felucca long enough. Long story short, if you came back for new content, hold off a year (new client coming out in 2007) but if you are looking for a familiar, easy to learn, easy to make friends game, you found the right one.
  10. Well, $ reward would certainly persuade my wife that It was ok to spend more time in UO. I am interested but do not think I could devote the time expected/deserved to the post.
  11. I dont know why people think 3D client changes the view. The change is to a 3D client, in no way (at this point) affecting the 3rd person view. What people here are worrying about (closing up the sky cause we lose our view, etc) is a change to a 1st person shooter view which doesnt seem to be the case.
  12. What does the job entail/reward/etc?
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