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  1. Thanks guys for -all- the helpful advice and insight! Definitely going Pally I think, and the plan is playing on Europa. -- Scibat
  2. Well that works, Pally is one of my 'usual' class choices in other MMOs. It will be interesting to see how they play in UO.
  3. What class(es) would you suggest for a brand new utterly clueless player? What I am looking for is what class is closest to EZ-Mode, just for the sake of learning the game and least frustrating in terms of player mistakes. A couple of suggestions would we wonderful, and I would greatly appreciate the help. =)
  4. That's mostly because I like almost any sort of RP environment -- It would be easier to list what I don't want to be a part of, than what I do. And I am not a huge fan of being a lone wolf, so kind of what to get involved with a guild from the start -- Or as close as I can manage. I am definitely interested in Vesper, and sent Corvak a PM with a couple of minor questions.
  5. I am very willing to learn. In other MMOs most people think I am friendly, as well as helpful once I know the game.
  6. Pretty much anything that is active, friendly has that sort of 'one big happy family' atmosphere.
  7. Thank you for all the help. Coincidentally, I get very good latency on Europa, so that will be where I will try to make my home. :new_color_: -- Scibat
  8. I'm brand new to UO, but from reading other posts it sounds like the shard that suits my playing preferences best. So my questions are: How friendly/helpful are the other players towards newbies? Are there any RP guilds that would take a player such as myself*? Are there any race/class combos I should avoid so as not to make it difficult to join most RP guilds? (i.e. I saw the undead and vampire faces in chargen -- So would playing one make things difficult?) * While I am brand new to UO, I am not new to MMOs or role-playing within them. Ideally I would love to join an active RP guild
  9. Thank you for the fast and helpful replies. I have heard so much about the depth of UO, I have to try it. So I am going to stick around and see if it grabs me. If the in game community is remotely as helpful as these forums seem to be, I'll probably love the game
  10. I have read something about 3d graphics, currently I am using the Stygian Abyss client but have seen no options for 3d. Am I missing something or do I have the wrong client or something? Basically is there any way to get 3d graphics? I don't mean first person, but isometric like most action RPGs like: Sacred, Sacred 2, Diablo 2 ect. Thanks in advance for any help provided -- Scibat
  11. I am an experienced roleplayer, who has played many MMOs -- Except UO. I just opened an account (Last night) and I could use some help with the following questions: Is there something like an unofficial RP shard, if so which one is it? What races are actually available? (I only have 2 on my account) How to I get access to the other races? (please be specific) I'm used to WoW, are there any mods or addons for roleplayers? If so, where do I get them and how would I install? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. -- Scibat
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