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  1. As I know 120 Eval Int + 100 Anatomy is equal to 120 defensive Wrest. That is a must against dexters in PvP, but maybe I'm wrong?
  2. Healing spells depend only from Magery level so you do not need any additional skill for it. Anatomy work together with Healing skill.
  3. My main char currently is Magery/EvalInt/Med/Inscr. I have plans to add ResistSpells and Anatomy later for PvP mage build. Now I have started second account with Tamer Taming/AnimalLore/Vet, My idea was to add Music/Provo/Disc to the template that will be played mostly by my son and my wife together with my Mage. From a week I have some idea to change the builds a bit so the templates can be more solo friendly and to forfeit PvP build of the mage. So my idea is something like that: Magery/EvalInt/Med/Inscr/Music/Provo + Taming/AnimalLore/Vet/Magery/Music/Disc So my question is where Provo
  4. Are you sure Upgrade account will work for me as I'm ont trial or I have to buy new account? Also there is Stygian Abyss available only US/Canada or at least I cannot choose any other country from that link and there is only Samurai Empire on EA UK!
  5. Hello, I'm on trial account and today I have tried to by my house, but the game say that I cannot own a house on trial. I have idea to buy the game before trial expires but now I have even more serious reason. Now about the problem: When I try to buy "Ultima Online™ Stygian Abyss New Account Code" or "Ultima Online™: Age of Shadows™ Buddy Registration Code" I get the following message: "ERROR: You cannot make a store purchase because the account you logged in with is too new. Accounts must be older than 30 days in order to purchase anything other than an account creation code or Game Time."
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