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  1. The Talisman thing is very new to me and I found a few doing Heartwood quests last night and had a few questions. 1. What does "owned by no one" mean on a talisman? 2. What is a "repond" slayer? 3. How in the world can I ever use the Cow Killer 42% talisman LOL 4. What is a masonry bonus? 5. Some talismans have names like: Talisman of ward removal Evil Mage Protection +44% I understand what the mage protection does but does the title of ward removal ever come into play? Thanks
  2. If I have one char with a 40 in a skill and I put that skill on a soulstone. Can I have a different char who has 30 in that skill download the skill from the soulstone and then he would have 70 in the skill? Or would he just get the 40?
  3. Corvak, So on Catskills, do most of the people hang out in Fel?
  4. Thanks Galen. Does anyone go there anymore?
  5. I played for about two years at launch and I'm back having fun, visiting the old sites. I remember a different place with a city called Papua where the spider and snake people lived. I would like to revisit that place but I can not seem to find any directions. Can anyone tell me how to get to that place? Thanks
  6. I dropped a forge and anvil but would like to reposition it and I cant find anything on the forums or guides about doing this. Is it possible to move a forge or anvil?
  7. Mathena, Thanks, I looked around in Haven at 7:00pm but didnt see anyone from those guilds. I did find a rune to some guilds vendor in Brit so I went there and got my forge. Thank you very much for your offer.
  8. Is there any way to tell what level a treasure map is? I found a few on earth elementals in shame and was thinking about trying them alone but I have no idea what level they are? I have a GM fisherman and was thinking about heading out and checking out the MIB scene again. To defend against the sea serpents, should I look for fire resist armor? Are sea serpents considered dragons as far as dragon slayer weapons are concerned? As I remember it, you fish, catch a sea serpent, kill it and loot a MIB if your lucky. Then you open the MIB and go get the treasure chest. Does it still work
  9. Corvak, What area are your houses in? I'll come by and check out the vendors and see what I can find.
  10. I appreciate that but I would feel bad taking a hand-out. Does your guild have a city or vending area I could stop by sometime?
  11. I have been looking around for over an hour, I want to purchase a small forge for my small house, (I know, I suck, I have a small house). Can anyone give me directions for a vendor with forges on it?
  12. I was wondering if i placed a house, would it be possible to allow the other char's from my account access? Is this something that happens by default when you put down a house or is it accessable only by the one char that placed it? Thanks
  13. Thanks for the replies all, that helped.
  14. I'm a returning player and see many people talk about having 120 skill. Can anyone explain this in detail a bit? I would love to get a char to 120 in archery. Also, does this really help much? Since you are a GM at 100, is the gain worth the effort? Thanks
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