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  1. and... it was cancelled like nearly a decade ago not exactly news
  2. I am with yelena on this. between a long casting time and a relatively high mana cost the mystic might be able to endure alot but ultimately he's unable to fight back... particularly when most of the decent pvp mystic spells are banned
  3. No taming isn't a skill to be smply macroed.. it takes hours of work if not days pushing even weeks.. Its not for the faint hearted but its also VERY rewarding when you finally have that GD on a chain.. big factor to remember is quantity is better than quality (to some degree at least) meaning don't tame the most difficult thing you can find but aim to tame approx 20 skill points below your current. The guide in the forums tells you everything else.
  4. Fear... uhh no.. amused is closer
  5. I'd rather be an honourable knight than a...... *Points at Park* ...... Yeah.... one of..... them
  6. And here I am. Afternoon. Yeah we are a fairly active military order... i use the term military as we are more than just knights If your interested my IC is 595-485-060 OOh and no I don't require you to make new chars thats upto you...
  7. Speaking for the Order, We provide any equippment required and if the person needs they get the first wage in advance..
  8. Just to throw my two pennith in. there is also Order of the Silver Dawn. We are a military order of Officially Loyalist standing although we consist of mainly of ex covian or vesper members. Our roster promotes a wide variety of play stylesand we hold people of just about every background, Nobles, Barbarians and a crazy magi or two our active times tend to be from perhps as early as 5 until midnight GMT More important than who you join.. welcome back
  9. Sorry feren I may be outa turn here but as far as i know there aren't any
  10. hmm No I think Gwen is probably being brutally honest regardless if its constructive or not 99% of the time its completely disregarded
  11. But on the field the mage is always targetted first and if theres 2 or more archers... in SERIOUS trouble
  12. As it stands at the moment I think it about as balanced as we can hope. i have personally felt a 49 hp flamestrike in gm armour (with a decent fire resist) from a mage with 110 eval 110 magery. Explosion flame strike lightening and i am down or certainly running for my life ... infact wait scrap that no point runnin the mage can hit me from a distance.... I think its also important for IC reasons to be able to explain any unusual combination of skills (such as say a death knight having chivalry and necro) Its all about knowing your template...and yes I admit I play primarily warriors
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