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  1. i cant seem to find this information anywhere. The Blue Beatles... can you not snoop them?
  2. i just wanted to thank both Belanos and Lorcan Ludovic for helping me get my UOAM up and running. Vista is a pain in the butt lol but that running it in administrator mode along with the other files provided by Belanos did the trick. Thanks Lord Viro
  3. i know that this program is no longer being updated. But that the files are still available for downlaod. I went to uoam.net and downloaded the auto map. i installed it and tried to run it but when the updater pops up it downloads 2/6 files and wont run the program saying i dont have all the files. Any body know how to fix this problem?? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. i will have to ask him.
  5. I havent been able to find the answer to this but a friend of mine was out lumberjacking one day recently and a spider spawned next to him. The spider was like a tamed pet in that it followed him around and had the blue health bar that he could rename the spider. I can find nowhere in any of the lumberjacking information that this is possible. Is he just pulling my leg or is there something to this? Thanks in advance for any answers. Lord Viro.
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