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  1. They hit the 2 mil mark this morning. That opens up support for Player run towns. Winfield and I have pledged high enough to get in on dev chats so we will try to get as much information as possible in the coming months and pass that on to here. I sadly will not be keeping my UO acct open after this month. I have too many obligations,however, I'll try to make some PaxLair meetings and keep active on here. Either way, I'm willing to help establish a PaxLair in SotA and try to create a Roleplaying Hub of some sort. cheers,
  2. Hello all, I have been in contact with Winfield about SOTA. As a pledge, i've been speaking with Richard Garriott about PaxLair. He is very interested in building a PaxLair in SOTA. I have backed this idea and would like to start helping Winfield. Speaking to the community leader, we need to get them an idea of the numbers of pledgers involved with PaxLair. Please ICQ me at 70507976. We need your forum/website names at the SOTA site. They can check if you pledged from there and that would show our support. I pledged to help in the development of SOTA and would like to start ge
  3. Honestly, I could land anywhere to pick them up.
  4. If you have any of these items and willing to sell or trade, please let me know via PM. Skull Mug handle on Right side Blue Glass 3 or 4 Connected Ale Bottles Different versions of OPEN BOOKs I can offer gold or trade items. Thx, Gunga
  5. Both dropped during the Halloween GY invasion. I'm trying to get my hands on these items for a Tavern i'm setting up for future events. PM if you can help me out. Will do what I have to. You want gold, my arm, leg? Trade? Let me know. Thx
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