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  1. And if you check out another MMO I used to play you'd find it actualy had strong rules of etiquette. Seriously, it was like a glimpse into upper class England in the 18th century.
  2. Well I like the idea there's 5 other people with my name. My second name is pretty rare too.
  3. I'd have to disgree cheeseplant. If I've been hunting in an area for for the past few hours uninterupted and then come along and impose yourself on me you will get something said to you. When it's Event related there's no point argueing about it but if I'm hunting in a small area and you come then your just being plain rude in every sense of the word. This is like "I can go where ever I want" mentality when it's just not the case.
  4. Different grade boxes for lockpicking is no longer valid and hasn't been for awhile actualy. You only need one GM locked box to take you the majority of the way before moving onto dugeon chests (unless you like the satyr trick). It's best to start a fresh char with 50 lockpicking for quicker results but in reality all you need is lots of lockpicks. You will need a good couple k to get you to 70 where you'll start seeing less breaks, past 85 you'll rarely see breaks. Lockpicks don't sell, end of. Unless you're going to use them bin them or just keep a few to put on your essentials vendor for
  5. Can't wait to see what they actualy do.
  6. OOC? Sorry if it's rude to ask but, do you actualy perform a real masonic ceremony? Do you know much behind the knights templar?
  7. Erm... I wish to lock this down. Then open the shelves security gump and set it to anyone then do the same to the contents.
  8. Boats.... Icky, I learned long ago myself and boats and what ever creature don't go together well. Even harpys can kill me on boats for some reason lol
  9. No noes I like trimmed if it's well trimmed and not bum fluff. Nothing worse than a nancy boy with bum fluff.
  10. For the increase in lethal poisoning someone when ever you poison them. Poisoning
  11. Wow. This could seriously stir up a whole lot of mess.
  12. I was putting emphasis on the fact there is little you can do, and was speaking from the stand point of having a healthy system as that would be the first thing to look at. The client doesn't need to be ruled out simply because if it had been a client problem everyone would know about it by people complaining on the UO related boards after a patch. About here I should give note that since the original poster said he/she had tried both 2d and 3d and was encountering the same issue, so that basicly rules out graphical lag issues and really I can't see how uotrace would give clarification on if i
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