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  1. so i need to get a forged metal tool and an ash fletchers kit correct? i use the metal tool to give me 100% success and the ash kit to give me the +10 SSI i need?
  2. i really appreciate the info guys. its helping not only me making my own suit and weps but when i help other ppl i can instruct them on the best methods for their weps and suits and watnot
  3. i found a pretty wicked cop bow set up requiring 40 SSI. now i see i can only put 30SSI on it and will have to enhance (is what its saying) to get the other 10. my question is...do you have to be a GM fletcher to prevent from breaking ur bow or will low 90's work?
  4. another question...i built my bow and suit...why cant i add powder of fort to any of the items???
  5. i pushed as much DI onto my suit as i could (55) using 25 on my brac, 20 from my trinket, 10 from M&S glasses. then the 44 from my bow would have given me 99 which was as close as i couldve gotten since my suits already built for 70/85/70/85/75 and my rings tapped out with everything i need and +6 str. i guess i could get rid of the +6 str and add DI to it...but the rings already built. i built the suit to max out every mod i use but i didnt forsee the bow problem
  6. so i ran the imbuing calculator on searchuo to make sure i could get the most out of my bow without going over the 500 cap. i created an exceptional bow so i could get my 500. i corrected my first mistake of using ash cuz i didnt know the lower req. would count as a mod. after creating a 2nd bow i set the mods at 44 DI, 30 SSI, 40 HML, 40 Lightning and Balanced. the first 4 mods went on flawlessly. the balanced when i tried to add it gave me an unstable message of 570...i put all the information in the calculator correctly and got 500 exactly...i dont understand what happened...
  7. ya i played on legends for the past 4 yrs and just recently xfered to cats. i remember seein all ur different mcnuges running around. heres a random question pertaining to imbuing...do you get ur own ingreds or do u buy? i tried buying but it gets real expensive real quick. i just upgraded to SA a couple weeks ago so i havent had time to unravel the dungeons...but i looked up entrance to the SA dungeon and i dont even understand it...
  8. i was able to check it out but i dont have the application to run it so ima have to go buy an excel product code to actually interact with it. i just had a suit made for one of my guys and saw how badass it was and wanted to make that for myself but the guy made it look so easy...all 70's with 5 mods on each piece. now i c he put a good bit of effort into getting the right resists and probly had a bunch of pieces made that he had built several 70's suits and just had on standby for someone like me who needed it
  9. So I'm about to start my first suit building. I'm trying to make all 70's and have read if I burn through some barbed kits I might be able to get 70's (including my folded steel 20/10/10/10/10 glasses). My question is...a barbed kit is typically gona produce decent resists with 2 or 3 mods already on it. How do I get the resists I need then imbue over the already made mod's? Or do I have to get pieces of armor from the barbed kit that don't have any mods...just high resists?
  10. Elie

    Imbuing Help???

    so i used the method first mentioned in this post until about 85 and it worked great up to that point. i was able to use UOA and just sit around making sure everything went smoothly. After 85 i was having problems with it and whatever else and found a different template which was absolutely amazing and got me to 117 in 3 days. after i sat around for a couple hours not gaining anything i came back to the first mentioned post and used their template again. only tweak i made was moving the 10 luck to 60+. the 10 didnt really work for me because it always succeeded. i kept my success rate around 3
  11. Elie

    Imbuing Help???

    i made it to 85 using the first reply method. using UOA and the jingasa at 8% it works for maybe 5 attempts succeeding every time then messes up somehow. the imbuing menu comes back up and it doesnt repeat itself. then the macro halts and wont do anything. if i right click the imbue menu to get rid of it...the macro will start again but will only go another 2 or 3 before doing it all over again. i also made it through an entire bag of jingasa's with only a .1 gain. did i mess the formula up or something??
  12. Elie

    Imbuing Help???

    I've recently taken on the challenge of imbuing and already hitting problems. I know prices for everything has gone up so me paying 250k for 10k of iron ingots is the best I can do. But between iron ingots, gems, and magical residue I've spent over 1mil just to get from 50-70. Now that I'm around 70 i cant pull a gain off the jingasa to save my life. I tried upping the intensity like uoguide.com says... but all I did was waste materials. I heard someone say once they went from 50 to 120 on 1mil and I know this skill ain't been out that long...am I doing something wrong??
  13. Greetings Everyone! There is a new Auction House on the shard currently being ran by F*A's Nadiiia. The first auction will begin July 3rd at 7pm EST. Items for the auction will be accepted until 12pm EST on the 3rd. If you have anything to submit please get in contact with Nadiiia or "a hooded figure" for submission details and a rune to the auction house. Thanks
  14. set up works perfectly! thanks guys
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