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  1. I hate to see me leave LS too, but LS is more Powergamers than it is RPers, plues the economy on europa is FAR FAR better than on LS.
  2. Thank you for the welcome! Well, I talked to the other guild leader about it, and he suggests that we move over to Europa. Currently, we only have three members, so we are going to move. LS is lacking on the Roleplaying side alot, and europa is not.
  3. From the shadows, a mercenary group comes out. Made up of Elves and Humans alike, these people are ones with skills who have nowhere else to go, but wish to exploit thier knowledge of fighting to the max. The Obsidion Mercenary's are here, and available for hire, and will war any who stand in thier way. {OOC Info} Name: Obsidion Mercenarys Shard: Lake Superior Contact: PM me here, or email me at drayvock@gmail.com Other Info: We are a RP PvP group looking for other RP PvP Guilds to war, and ally with. Contact info above, please give me a shout, also looking for new members!
  4. Ok, I know that this is really really old, but I was just cleaning out old screenshots and found this, thought it was kinda neat. (Sorry its .bmp so it might take long to show)
  5. Well, This is wuite interesting. This thread has been open for 6 months and I just found it doing some google search. I would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome!
  6. I have heared of programs called XXXXXXX and XXXX and other things that let you play on custom made shards. Are these Illegal Programs? And if so, would PB be looking for it? Thanks, -Drayvock
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