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  1. Dark fall is in an extended beta test atm. I wish I knew a place with enough traffic to post a poll on whether or not they should bring back a player activated power hour. So that you can start your power hour when you want to.
  2. Seems like this game is extremely unbalanced for new players. I think I'm just gonna wait for Dark Fall.
  3. it would be nice if there were some puzzles or mysteries in the game But that still does not compensate for the fact that it takes an extreme amount of game play to GM a skill let alone get one to legendary, and most people who are legendary use bots, exploits and recursive macros. So while it might be ok for you to set a bot and leave your pc while "it" levels you up, its not ok for me. I want to see my skill raise substantially not this 1 point per hour horse crap
  4. I can't agree with either of you, in 3 days time I've only seen .3 gains to my magery from playing and my magery is only 72.1. I played UO from the beginning and I remember getting to 99 magery within a week then sailing around for about 4-5 days for that last full point. Same thing with all the skills really. But watching my skills raise like hell from power leveling them was immensly satisfying. And back then we didn't have to exploit using golems.
  5. I was reading up on the reasons why they took power hour out of the game. Having played the game with power hour in it I can honestly say that even though I did not know about power hour from day one that it was an extremely pleasant surprise when I found out about it. This site has the reasons why power hour was taken out, but I would like to see it put back in along side the GGS. http://uo.stratics.com/content/interviews/evocare.shtml This game was so good just for this one reason, My 2 cousins, my brother and I all played until we went to college. I started back up in 2004 and to my dis
  6. Man During power hour you could truck from 75 to 90 then 90-99 then spend a week at 99 until you hit 100, man I miss that. what was the dev's reasoning for changing it anyway? It seems impossible to train any one skill in less than a month
  7. Good Lord if I could have one wish, it would be to bring Power Hour back!
  8. Did skill gains become slower since the last time I played? I gained .2 in magery over 4hrs time of constant use and near constant success. This seems a bit unfair. Has this been announced in any patch notes?
  9. Tbh I don't know what magic resist does either. I have seen it work, but when I test it on the test realms it seems irrelevant.
  10. Also I'm not trying to be insulting just it seems this game has always been frustrating to reach the developers, before or during any huge changes such as item insurance and power hour removal. I was 14 when I started playing and it was insanely frustrating to post back then, especially when only 2/3 of the stratics site was ever working at one time
  11. Well yeah, I mean the game when it came out was not about all this player vs player combat crap, that is why it wasn't so important that it be balanced. It was about being a craftsman or a merchant in a world full of robbers and bandits. When the bandits grew to cumbersome to the working classes they would rise up, band together and beat the bandits and gankers into submission. so yea its dumbed down. I would go to siege but I have heard that skill gains are cut in half on siege and you can only have one char on that shard. which to me sounds like a rip off
  12. wait, were are the real forums where the developers of the game read and post? Also if you thing EA is having any trouble making money then you are extremely in the dark. just last year their revenue for games was $3.87 billion. Enough to fix all the bugs in this game imo. they had over 27 titles that sold over 1 million copies as well. It just seems like MMOs are "crap stacking" trying to make the game more challenging and competitive and thus more addictive. Instead of what games are meant to be and thats fun plain and simple. there used to be a level of intimacy between players because the
  13. also dragons still kill you right after taming again wtf? How am I supposed to come back to this game if the simple stuff isn't even fixed
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