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  1. About time, now get back to leading hunts woot woot. Malk
  2. Now that is a drink to have. Looks like you all had a great time, Im slowly trying to get back in the game. Malk
  3. I'm not a tamer hater but I hope they figure a way to make the event where dragons turn in to mirror images of their owners or something like that. Hate it when I cant see the monster. Or my dead body. Malk
  4. Can you post a link to it here? Or do I have to get a hold of you =) Malk
  5. I just hope they don't make this a fishing thing. I don't have a fisher man and I don't intend to make one. I would hate to turn in 5 million fish steaks or anything in regards to fishing. I do however wonder how in the world you would park that boat? I don't think you could ever park that ship near enough to get the pirate quest lol. I can barely sail in there with my other boat. I can just imagine how much it will cost to repair one if its damaged. I would be willing to go hunt and turn in Pirates (Make it a point system to were if they are on the list they are worth more points
  6. *pats Rodan on the back* You are a good man, keep up the good work. Malk
  7. If you see an orange on a ship in "TRAM" can you sink thei ship? OR is the ship off limits and you can only attack them? Malk
  8. I think for a specific "navy" side they should be named Deck hand. Or Cannoner, that way its simple when you attack another ship one hits the ship the others get ready to board other ship or get it ready to be boarded. Meaning killing the occupants of it. Your Deck Master can be the owner of the ship but still falls under the Pit boss. Malk
  9. They dont do anything, but you can practice casting on them. They dont die or move or anything. Malk
  10. Now im going to look for them and place 4 boxes around them. Or I could place one of the few scales I carry in my bag =) after all they are used to catch cheaters lol. PS I stold that idea from some one I wont mention but his initials are PITR Malk
  11. Hey maybe you can have it ready for the Nov 15th day you are moving your power/stat scrolls. You going to sell them or you saving them for the circle/rbg/uss/other guilds. Malk
  12. Agree on everything. Malk I wish I knew all that programing stuff but hey I know my limitations.
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