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  1. ive looked into it.. and it turns out to be quite nice stats.. If i were to buy a mage it would give me: * 85 Magery * 85 Resist Spells * 85 Evaluate Intelligence * 70 Inscription * 70 Meditation * 80 Strength, 110 Intelligence, 35 Dexterity soo is it worth 29$ ??
  2. yes.. i understand that the advanced char token wont take me to a fully developed template.. But i think that it will be more fun to train if i have a good startup if you know what i mean.. And my char won't be completely useless.
  3. hello dear UO players. I'm a relatively new player. But it soo happens that ive tried a few 14 days trail accounts. And im well aware of alot of the ingame stuffs.. but i have no time to build up my own character since im in the army.. Therefor im wondering if its any good to buy a Advanced character token and create whatever character i want. Or am i just wasting money? i really want to play this game serious.. but as i said, got no time to build up a template.
  4. Hi! ive been playing alot for several weeks now.. And im currently in the process of getting my mage/tamer template in order. But since im getting pretty tired of just training all the time ive decided to go out and explore the world and stuff. Only to find out that my LRC suit is worthless in combat. Which brings me to my question. Where can i get a better suit for fighting and stuffs like that? everything i wear atm is a 100% LRC suit made of spined leather..
  5. thanks for all the help.. but where can i get a -29 magery weapon??
  6. Hello! i just have one simple question... Im currently training magery on my char.. i have about 76,3 magery to be exact.. and aiming on GM:ing the skill.. but it takes a very very long time to even increase 0,1 point of the skill.. is this normal or have i missed something??
  7. Hi there! it soo happens that i started playing UO a few days ago.. At first i was thinking like: why am i even trying this game? bla bla bla there is no people playing and stuffs like that.. But when i got a deeper look inside it turned out to be the MMO i always wanted to play. Im sicked and tired of all the World of Warcrafts out there, and games that tries to be just ast succesfull as blizzard but fails. UO for me is a perfect game in many ways. Anyway. I decided to play on Europa since i live i Sweden and a friend of mine told me that this shard is the best for me considering the ping
  8. Howdy mateys! i have been participating in this fine game for a few days now.. And i just feel that i deserve a helping hand. Like perhaps some guidance, perhaps a few spare coins. or a LRC suit for my Mage tamer im working on.. This is not a begging post or something.. I'm just trying to say that i personally feel that i deserve a helping hand soo that i can get even more involved with this fine game and enjoy everything it has to offer me! You will find me as Kall on Europa server! May the force be with you
  9. Thank you for all the answers Im playing on Europa
  10. Hello there UO players, ive been playing this game with different trail accounts for quite some time now. I love the game and all that it has to offer. But my concern is that even if i put in some time and effort to this game will it be a waste of time since the game is like 12 years old. When im playing an MMO i want the game to be active enough to enjoy all the things the game has to offer. In UO i would love to own a house or several houses.. is this even possible since what ive come do understand is that old players and their houses are still here which makes it very difficult for relat
  11. Okay i see! thank you
  12. Hello again! as i venture even further into the game ive discovered that people are telling me to get a LRC ( Low reagent cost ) suit.. the only problem is.. i dont know where to get it or how much it would cost me.. if anyone got some good information on this, please be nice and help me out
  13. How much gold do they drop then?
  14. as my adventure in UO continues i would like to know where to make some good money, i preferr getting it from killing creatures and stuffs.. soo far im killing alot of Water elementals but they only drop like 190-200gp each.. is there some other place i can "farm" money succesfully?
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