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  2. I have a Keep just outside the Wind entrance in Trammel (51*51'N30*35'E). I would like to offer it for sale or trade. If interested please let me know. Thanks!
  3. When I read this thread yesterday I remembered this item I had in a dusty old chest... It looks like a regular wood or iron deed and says "Horse Barding"... Can't tell ya much about it, but its way dusty... 8)
  4. Man... I thought we had problems with the Food & Beverage Police here... Sounds like you folks are fightin' a similar battle... Revolution I say!... More trans-fats and higher alcohol content beer or else!... hehehe.... 8P
  5. hehehe... Well, I had always wanted to play UO since it had come out (I had been playin' mudii's for years) but my computers have never been the best (I find ones that are broke and put them back together with coke cans, bailing wire and duct tape)... I found a copy of Renaissance (i think) at Half Priced Books (1999-2000 about) and loaded 'er up... 8)... It barely fit on my computer... I started out on Chessie, but had a terrible connection and spent most of my time as a ghost... Someone told me to switch to the west coast... Napa here I come!... I read an article about fisherman on Stratics
  6. Happy Turkey Day to All!... Sorry for the late post, was recovering from stuffing myself... 8)
  7. DTroll

    price check??

    That was great Lord Target... LMAO...
  8. We should send all the snowmen in UO to the moon and melt them... We'd have plenty of water there then... Besides, with the snowmen off to the moon it would make room for more parrots... Just a thought... 8P
  9. Kire: "I thought some Beatles would be fitting" Oh man... 8)
  10. OK... I had a flashback to the 70s... I got the impression from you that I couldn't claim the beetles unless I had enough control slots... I went back and used the command "Claim List" and there they were... I can't reclaim them from the stable cuz I only have 5 control slots... Thanks for your help!... 8)
  11. Just a quick update... The Trading Post is doing fantastic!... My thanks to all of you!... 8)
  12. I started a new character (crafter) and a friend gave me two beetles... I put one in the stables and have been riding one... I bonded with the ride, so I went to switch to the other beetle (to bond)... it was gone!... I thought maybe it was a fluke or something... This morning I was usung my 5 year old miner that I aquired a fire beetle for (it's bonded), when I went to the stables to switch to my beetle it was gone too!... When it was stabled it was bonded also... What gives?... Is there a rule that you can only have one beetle?... I have no taming skills... Thanks... 8)
  13. I have a Fisherman I've used for about 7 years now. On his template I included Resisting Spells to help against those Deep Sea Baddies. Recently I'm wondering if the 100 skill points might be put to better use than on Resisting Spells. Could you explain to me the benefits of having GM Resisting Spells? My armor's elemental resists are all maxed. Thanks! 8)
  14. *mumbles something about dwarves being really tall gnomes* 8P
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