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  1. There can't be many of these left in the world that aren't in hardcore collectors' hands. Good thing I'm more of a hardcore Nethack player.... didn't get much response last time, so I chucked it up on eBay. Check it out... lots of pictures, and it's in great shape. Apache Tomcat/5.5.15-150 - Error report Feel free to PM me with offers. Based on old threads from these forums, it seems like this thing's gone north of $300 in the past. (Though I don't expect to get quite that much.)
  2. Yeah... the game comes in a big, long case with an autographed art print and a certificate in which Lord British welcomes you to your adventures.
  3. Would anyone on this board be interested in my complete, boxed UO Charter Edition set? The box has some shelfwear (rounded corners) and a bit of scuffing, but everything inside's in great shape. The lapel pin's still in its sealed plastic bag, even. I'll try to get pictures up tomorrow... please email me if you'd like to make an offer. My address is lefthandedgrass at gmail dot com.
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