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  1. Zuck is trying to breath some life back in to Catskills is all. Even though I've been on ATL more lately I'd be happy to see some great PvP action return. I am the worse mage on Cats so if any of you x-fers want to fight I'll need to be on a full mystic/mage with hpr and pots and you'll have to be pure only. It still will weight in your favor but I'll feel better prepared.
  2. Here is an interesting suit I am putting up for sale. The suit uses a Hat of the Magi, Armor of Fortune, Quiver of Infinity, Totem of the Void and Ornament of the Magician with four runic crafted pieces. The stats are as follows: Blessed: Totem of the Void Blessed: Barbed Boots Crafted By Beo Inc Blessed: Green Tunic Crafted By Alvin the Maker Blessed: Quiver of Infinity (comes blessed) Blessed: Hat of the Magi Blessed: Armor of Fortune Blessed: Horned Leather Gloves Crafted By Pixel Addiction LMC7/LRC20/Night Sight/7/7/20/20/7 Blessed: Verite Platemail Suneate Crafted By Tido S
  3. SOLD! Thanks. I am selling two Felucca castles on the same screen. One is in front of the other on a slight diagonal. The castles will be completely empty and do not come with any items displayed in the screen shots. The castles are located in the big open area north of Minoc. Spawn is negligable with the occasional Corpser or Reaper appearing on the same screen. I can be reached via PM, ICQ 795598 or via posts in this thread. I am looking to sell the castles together but if there are two interested buyers I can work that out as well. Thank you for looking.
  4. Selling Felucca New Magincia House Plot SE-4. Taking offers via Post, PM or ICQ 795598.
  5. Sold! Thanks! Selling Trammel New Magincia Plot E-3. Offers can be posted here, PM'd or ICQ'd at 795598. Thanks!
  6. I am going to agree with Kayhynn on this one. Game time codes have always been sold at a higher ratio than gold. I am not entirely sure why but possibly it has to do with supply and demand. A lot of people are selling gold, so it is cheap. Not as many people are selling game time codes so its value increases. I think a 2:1 ratio to gold is an acceptable price point. Of course it is always debatable what the value of gold should be. Some blow it out at .40/mil and when its gone there is a drought and the cheapest seems to be .55/mil. Rupert, I think that is a good starting point. If
  7. Character transfers are up now!!!
  8. Podolak

    How do I quit CoM

    It was moved to Moonglow. Go to the south end of Moonglow island, you will see a new building out in the water. Walk in there and you can resign at that stone.
  9. Right now my primary mage has wrestling and I use disarm frequently. I have the 5 SSI cloak and enough dex/stam with potions to get me 1.25 swing delay (60 dex). I don't have any HCI items on my suit, it would help if I did. However, I am often successful at disarms without it. Cramped templates should consider anatomy or a mage weapon but I still feel wrestling is very viable. Disarming your foes is pretty nice and NOT being disarmed by your foes (in the case of someone using a mage weapon) helps a good deal.
  10. If you are going with a necro/mage/weaver PVP template this is one option: 120 Magery 120 Eval 120 Resist 120 Spirit Speak 120 Spellweaving 60 Med 60 Necro 60 necro lets you do the main PvP related spells. You can't wither at spawns but you can do Essence of Wind with Spellweaving. You can't cast revenants which sucks but hey...sacrifices. 60 Med is OK, get a suit with high MR. Use an Ornament of the Magician and an imbued ring that has +15 magery. Use the Treatise on Alchemy Talisman to make up the other 5 magery you need from the -20 magery weapon. Get a nice Twinkling Scimitar w
  11. There has been a lot of misinformation going around, some of which has been about me. Frankly, being painted as evil doesn't bother me, in fact I embrace it. There has also been several discussions about respect and there is one disrespect toward me that I find unacceptable. Certain member(s) of the Catskills Ultima On-Line community have been spreading around information about my having a "UO Girlfriend". This is the only piece of misinformation I have an issue with. Not only does such a rumor disrespects me but also my wife and son. This is one disrespect I will not tolerate and find t
  12. Podolak's hunt was unsatisfying. He meandered aimlessly through the woods ignoring most of what he came across. Finally he arrived at a secluded farm house. Occupied by two human individuals, a married couple of middle age. Only for a moment did the thought of making this couple his target cross his mind. He was more interested in the wooded scent of the farmers smoke house. After knocking on their door and alarming the occupants Podolak's calming demeanor disarmed them enough to engage them in a business dealing. His sole interest was to purchase the necessities for breakfast after th
  13. *at Izznet's words he releases his gaze on Avalon and looks over to Izznet. Seeing the blood rage rising in her eyes he falls back to reality and his composure. Returning to Avalon he releases her throat, she falls to the ground with a clunk.* "You are correct my dear Izznet. I have watched over what is left of my mortal family for generations. Today I have failed at that task, the fault being mine alone." *Looking upon the fallen gargoyle.* "Ensure your Watcher will live and then return this sword to the scene. I made a promise to Aedon and this falls under his control." *Ponders
  14. *a blood red tear welled up in Podolak's eye as he took in what Avalon was saying. It released itself and trickled down his cheek.* "Odysseus is..." *the rage Podolak felt returned. He was angry and with no outlet. He moved quickly and grabbed Avalon by the throat lifting her up the tree. Staring bitterly in to her eyes his voice slicing in to Avalon's very mind* "You encountered this man prior and did nothing? This murderer did not seem at all important to do anything about? And now one of my few remaining mortal relatives is dead?"
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