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  1. im poor so here are some things for sale, pls reply,pm or icq me. singing ball two erthy cloaks a fel keep just south of trinsic noone in front of it and nothen but a few mongbat spawn neon blaze hair dye neon blue hair dye skull mug harrower statue two skull poles will sell together or apart two statue makers both marble in their orignal stat(not been used before) 4 tall blaizers once again sell together or apart 4 small blaizers same as before metal dye tub and a bloody pentagram will be selling them for money 633–937–436
  2. whats a broom stick(yes i know what it one is irl) wheres it from and will you post a picture?
  3. since i cant seem to figure out how to get a log in or to be able to post there, heres how i did it. How to get banners and such to hang up out side of your house: Its really quite simple. Go out and get yourself a bale of wheat, commonly found in the farm fields just southwest of Brit. Place the wheat bale on the side of your door steps. Must be able to be locked down is what I'm getting at. Double click your deed then target the bale its self. Then use a home decorate kit to raise what your trying to place.
  4. get the banners(or in my case torches) like this anymore?
  5. but how exactly do you know its not a simple uoassist key? why do you think you see so many 1222222222222iiiiiiiidddddd when people speak for the first time after a fight. or cast a spell while trying to type in words to say?
  6. what shard are you playing, if its alantic.....i will help you out
  7. much has been said already. one thing to add is that no matter what, they cant stop every scripter. yes it hurts our economy. what I, and a few of my guild mates, though about is implementing a gold sink(gold goes out of our economy and never returns). first off by the starting of is taxing people, the richer you are the more tax you have to pay for items and what not(yes this is going to piss off most of you off, but i honesty dont care, i as well as half my guild are effected by this as well). we pay property tax in real life, so why not charge it in game. the bigger the house, the more
  8. free for anyones use, either pm me or leave a post here.:'(
  9. i understand that people do solo doom, my hang up is room two.....them bastages:doh:
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