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  1. Oh my! This could be good. LB reforming? I'm gonna have to return to Britannia soon
  2. I will be back very soon, probably with yet another new face. Is Odentheus still around? If so, give him a shout and tell him I'm alive!
  3. It's good to see that Vesper is still going strong! I miss you lot.
  4. When I get some more free time, I'll gladly join in resurrecting LB. The Britannia Guards was actually the main reason for me playing UO in the first place
  5. Weird - I can't find the Mondain upgrade either - looks like it's gone from the page! Just checked. It will probably come back up quite soon. I can't imagine why it's gone, though. Perhaps because of all the new stuff on the page - the 11th anniversary items - or it could be because of the upcoming Stygian Abyss expansion. The game time code thing is at the bottom of the page: Here's a link. And here's what the official UO guide says about accounts - the lack of a Mondain upgrade code isn't mentioned, however. You could try asking in the general discussion board, lots of people read that
  6. [video=youtube;XC73PHdQX04]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XC73PHdQX04
  7. I usually leave the medium loot in New Haven, and sometimes repair deeds, stuff I no longer have any room for, like old LRC pieces, deco items, et cetera. I like the noob artifacts. Jacob's pickaxe, the hammer of Hephaestus and Amelia's toolbox are very useful, especially the toolbox - it's the fel miners' friend. I use the silver serpent blade from the stealth quest or Jockles' quicksword from the swords quest as 'newbified daggers' - especially the silver serpent one, it's neat.
  8. This merchant with a terrible taste in clothes was hanging around outside the toll building, and he looked like he'd been waiting for ages. He was looking for a boat fare to Serpent's Hold, but no-one seemed to be interested, he told me. I suggested getting some proper attire, but the scruffy, bearded idiot would have none of that. I've got a small skiff moored at Vesper docks, so I took the job. It was a long journey, and it was midnight when we arrived at the Serpent's Hold docks. The planks were rotted through, so I didn't take the chance and moored the skiff to the grassy bank nearb
  9. I found this oik standing outside the inn, looking lost. He wanted to go to Jhelom. I patiently explained to him that if he was frit of the journey to Minoc moongate, he probably should not attempt to seek fame and fortune in Jhelom, where the locals are known to throw mouthy visitors into the fighting pit. He would not listen to my advice, however, so I took the money and left. *signed* Private Nadya.
  10. Balgus is a good name, though I prefer Escaflowne! Archaflowne is good too
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