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  1. 120 Anatomy Bushido Throwing Tactics 70 Chivalry Spirit Speak 60 Ninjitsu 40 Necromancy I created this for travesty solo, which I do in about 6-7 minutes with the right weapon. I also hear that this or a close variation is good vs. Slasher, Grizzle, Dreadhorn, Paroxy, and Stygian Dragon to name a few. I'm slowly but surely getting used to this template.
  2. With jewels and suit I have: 140 HP/60 Mana/180 Stamina 40 LMC 12 HPR 40 HCI 40 DCI All 70's resists. 120 Weapon Skill 120 Anatomy 120 Bushido 120 Tactics 101 Parry (+30 from ring and bracelet) 99 Necro 70 Chivalry I always run vamp form, and have my choice of weapons for any special move required for the fight. What other mobs can you solo?
  3. If you have one you are considering selling, PM me or ICQ 57206514
  4. I currently run 120 disco/music/tame/lore/spellweave/magery. i use items to go into wraith form so I leech back mana, I run with level five or six focus and cast essence of wind, which effects pretty much the whole screen. It's great for cutting through the spawn. At the end the disco and greater dragon seem to do pretty well vs. champ. I've considered using peace, and also doing the necro peacer... I'm curious as to what dexer templates are very good for champs, anyone?
  5. 120 Weapon 120 Bushido 120 Parry 120 Tactics 99 Necromancy 86 Spirit Speak 55 Chivalry I suppose with some slight jewel tweaking I could run with 90 healing and whatever chivalry I want to, dumping spirit speak out of my template all together. I guess the spirit speak is for wraith form. I know others who primarily use wraith form have 50 necro and 100 spirit speak. All slight tweaks to the template to suit your playstyle. I currently run vamp form, and carry mana/stamina leech weapons. This character is great for soloing certain high end peerless monsters, or champ bosses. The spiri
  6. I've got both, and with a little tweak to my template and gear i think my characters will be a very good addition, if not able to solo a champ spawn. Anyone out there have a template that works really well? If you don't mind posting your template, gear and tactcs I'd appreciate it. PM me if you prefer, flame me if you must, ignore me if you dare. I'm really interested in doing the dexer champ template if anyone has some input.
  7. 120 Animal Taming/Lore/Spellweave/Magery/Music/Discordance... yes Discordance. One big bad Greater Dragon.
  8. Peerless key fetching tips and tricks by Pirate Roberts of LooT Dreadhorn: The only key worth mention here I believe is irk’s brain. To get this key easily I use a bard with disco and provoke. On my way back I precast invis and attack a cu sidhe to get him to follow me. Each time I invis, I toggle my war mode again, precast invis and again attack the cu sidhe to keep him following me. Before long it’s done easily and quickly with just a little practice. Once in the swamp area, I use the same technique to lure irk near the cu sidhe. Then I precast invis, toggle my disco macro and target irk,
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