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  1. Give me a shout on either ICQ or Facebook whenever you'd like to meet up, I'm about most evenings
  2. Good to see you agian Kat, it surely has been a while *smiles* it's always nice with some oldies (no offense ladies!) returning!
  3. Then this might interest you. http://www.uoforums.com/knights-templar/61612-old-new-kt-memberlist.html
  4. Aye, but with one or two corrections. It's all saved in the archives though. How so? EDIT: Note that this is not the Masonic Oathing though, this is a Knighting Ceremony, 2 completely different ceremonies. Although, the Masonic Oath, Accolade and the Knight Templar ceremony are all saved, along with the initations.
  5. Oh for love of god, just use a disguise kit. And actually -ACT- like someone else. Why do you have to justify everything? You didn't even put down effort in your disguises. If thieves and bandits uses hoods to cover their faces it's just logical it would be banned by the local authority. EDIT: Also your idea for banditery and criminality was practically just regular attacks on the city folk, which many did tire of rather quickly. I don't remember B^F being anything but a guild that had no other ambitions than PVP. Instead of creating actually interesting storylines. Compared to VTC, who ac
  6. Karen Clark, Ohtar Rana and Kelly Hudson will recieve the Accolade at Sunday the 27th of March, 7pm GMT, Beaufort, Templewood. Public event, all are welcome.
  7. Unmolested? Haha! That would be interesting to see. Hope you'll return soon my friend
  8. This is a newely founded guild if you'd like to take up the greenskins again Orcz Public Forum - Ultima Online Forums
  9. This is tonight! Original post: Yewish Ball (Wednesday 23rd, 8pm) - Guardsmen Militia
  10. Can someone explain why its able to get a 1024x768 gameplay screen with Razor and not UOA? It really annoys me that an illegal program have the ability to do this. But the UO options for the classic client, and the UOA options doesn't have it included.
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