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  1. Also Warhammer is very much a PVP game. And leveling up through the normal process doesn't take very long, even just doing it yourself - you have a secondary set of levels, based on PVP activity, that is very much where the real game is. This really is just paying to remove a timesink before you can reach the majority of players PVPing.
  2. Steam has been doing one day sales every day, actually. They had Rift for sale last week as well, and its a successful and populated MMO.
  3. I am actually graduating from college this year as well Congrats!
  4. Internet Explorer, for not following web standards.
  5. *shrug* I'm of the opinion that Sony, and PSN was no worse off than many other online services when it comes to security - they just got targetted. In an ironic twist - if the hackers did it as a sort of "retribution" for that PS3 hacking court battle - if nothing else, it means the PS3 will be even MORE locked down and unmoddable in the future. I don't doubt a lot of websites are vulnerable in the same way, but avoid beefing up security, as it saves money leaving it as is. Worried? No real reason not to use Sony products - put a bogus address into PSN, and buy with prepaid cards. Pers
  6. The codes in the boxes should still work. Also for the record - regardless of the version, every account gets up to Mondain's Legacy. (I dont think eighth age technically comes with it, according to the box)
  7. I doubt they would discontinue support for anything, really. They're buying into an established userbase, it would be silly to cut it off after the fact. If they just wanted a VOIP service, MS has a lot of programmers and developers already working with this sort of thing, or capable of doing so. I think they could just make one from scratch for less than 8 billion or whatever it was. Hopefully, the only real changes we see, is Skype functionality being introduced to Xbox Live and their phone OS. I think that Microsoft typically avoids the Mac and Linux markets largely on account of use
  8. I've never actually used the paid services of skype (hey, maybe thats why it loses money...) But I kinda hope it might mean improved voice services over Xbox Live in the future.
  9. Pretty much everything about Wal-Mart.
  10. I can't say I agree with celebrating anyones death, but he was evil to the core, and deserved it. One man's terrorist, is another man's freedom fighter, of course. But he also ordered attacks on civilians inside another nation. The Navy SEALs saved the families of the Sept. 11th victims an agonizing reliving of the attacks by shooting him, instead of placing him into custody. /salute to all who serve overseas, doing the jobs the rest of us don't want to do. I don't support war, but I support the troops who serve in war, and save any disdain for the politicians who put them there.
  11. It is very WoW like in that respect. Personally, I just hate stun locks as a mechanic in any game.
  12. Not really. Systems like the feedback and this forum exist to help protect buyers and sellers. Otherwise, the only tip I can give is to limit the size of your transactions to new clients, to prevent big losses.
  13. To do that, they'd have to rewrite the 2D client. And most of the veterans are too stuck in their ways to accept change.
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